Show Me Your Flare & I'll Show You How to Wear Flare Jeans, 8 Ways to Be Exact

How Many Pieces Of Flare Are You Sporting Today Huh? Office Space Reference Aside, It's Time to Get Down to One of My Favorites, How to Wear Flare Jeans.

Flare jeans are not only a classic piece when it comes to one's denim wardrobe (and yes, there is such a thing as a wardrobe revolving around jeans), they're also the antidote to skinny jeans. Universally flattering, if you keep the flare in-check of course, this is one of the best denim silhouettes a woman can own, translation: a Fall essential. Shop the top 10 that made the list and see how to wear them:

Here's the hit list, the top 10 picks to shop when it comes to flare jeans:

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There are tons of options on how to wear flare jeans, and I'm not exaggerating. See what I'm talking about below, from celeb style-outs to runway picks that hit the nail on the head.

It's not just about getting a new pair of fabulous flare jeans, although it's always good to keep things fresh, it's about what you're going to do in them. Here are eight takes on how to pull off this trend (if you can even call it that; by now the flare is probably closer to a fashion basic than a seasonal trend):

look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (, look 4 (, look 5, Dree Hemingway: Madewell S/S ‘11 Look Book (, look 6 (, look 7 (, look 8 (

Ten picks not enough for you? Are you as obsessed with denim and finding the perfect fitting jean as we are? There's plenty more where that came from. See what didn't make the list but found it's way into the StyleShaker closet that's updated with hand-picked pieces every week. Shop more from The StyleShaker Closet:
(Hint: buy a couple of sizes when shopping on-line when you have the free return shipping option so your home becomes your dressing room and you don't get stuck with the wrong size).

When it comes to what to wear and where to shop, you're covered. You also have inspiration on how to wear the picks, but there's only so much mind-reading we can do, which is where the fashion advice Q&A comes into play.

Send us a link to the item in question (i.e. the blouse you bought but aren't sure how to wear to work, or the ankle boot you keep wearing the same way that needs a new ensemble perspective) or something similar to it on the web, and we'll send you back how to wear it. Click below to get the ball rolling:

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