Fall Fashion Week | The 6 Best Looks from Zac Posen's Collection

Unless you've been hiding under a large rock somewhere, you're aware that fall fashion week is upon us. Actually, You're probably getting more runway information than you ever wanted or needed at the moment, so, in an effort to give you the complete opposite of information overload, check out my fashion week recap, the Cliff's Notes version.

There were thirty-seven looks that Zac Posen, the young designer that is quickly approaching full-blown celebrity status with his recent stint on Project Runway, sent down the runway February 10th, 2013. I've narrowed that list down to my top six from his fall fashion week show. It's the condensed version of the runway, a glimpse that will show (not tell) you what it's all about. Sometimes less is more, usually not when it comes to fashion, but hey, we're all working on this whole time management thing, so might as well start in an unexpected place right?

Jewel tones, lush fabrics, those classic, signature cuts that are now becoming synonymous with Posen's designs. In other words, it's a whole 'lotta drama, and I'm eating it up.

Fall Fashion Week Zac Posen

source: www.style.com

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