Fall Essentials 2012 | The Shopping Checklist, My Pride & Joy (and obsession).

Bring on the Listing Madness (I Love a Good List). Check Out the Fall Essentials Shopping Checklist, 2012

This all-encompassing shopping list is carefully broken down into essential Fall categories and subcategories, because, well, I have an affinity for a well-organized shopping list. I'm not ashamed. You should see my grocery list, impeccable.

 Shopping, on-line or in store, for each season can be overwhelming to say the least. Baby steps to pulling together a Fall wardrobe are in need (I look at product day in and day out, styling out Closet clients and consulting, and I STILL need this quick reference to organize my style thoughts), so, here they are:

The list is dynamic. We check off essentials featured in previous posts (see below) that have been added to the StyleShaker closet, and keep the forward fashion momentum going strong.

Step one, shop your closet. Narrow it down to what you have and come to grips with the essentials you need to invest in. You're about to create your 'Core Closet,' for the season so show it some love. Step two, walk through the un-marked listed items, shop it up, and pull it all together just in time for the temps to drop. We all can appreciate the absurd joy that one feels when crossing out an item on a list. I mean, c'mon, it's bliss.

See what we've pulled so far to put a dent in the Fall essentials shopping list:

The Fall essentials are a biggie. Take the list with you wherever you shop, I promise you it will prevent those pesky, and seasonal, "why did I buy this," and, "what do I need to stock up on,"  questions we all know and love, or wait, loathe.

List in hand, you're all set. Time to get back and take in the inspiration. It never ends. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop here.