Meet & Greet | Pamela Love

I love discovering new names out there. There's so much talent that it's almost overwhelming to begin to approach, but having spent ten years playing in the ranks at one of the country's largest luxury retailers, looking beyond a label means something to me. The brand name is paramount to any designer, but so is the integrity behind what they create, and often times, those two concepts don't necessarily synch up. Pamela Love is not one of those cases.

Love is New York based, and has developed quite the following. You're about to see  why...

I stumbled across her work some time ago, but recently her name resurfaced after having watched the show The Fashion Fund (currently on hulu). It walks through the process CFDA candidates go through from nomination to win, and it is truly fascinating. Love, to me, really stood out within the group of brilliant designers as an artist, let alone with the pieces she created.

She lives and breathes what she creates, and the aesthetic stays true to who she is.  Not to mention, her jewelry is sick, in the best of ways. It's original, the price points are approachable, and most of all, it really is the definition of wearable art. Each piece is within itself a statement.

Time to show you the line up of all things by Love, to love:

1. I thought I'd start it off with something that screams originality. When  is the last time you saw something like this executed so well? I adore it and the Lookbook shot really brings things to life.

2. Statement necklace, redefined.

3. A ring I am drooling over. It's officially going on the shopping list.

4. Again with the statement necklaces. The details are so insane on this. Spoiler alert: you're about to see this pick coordinate with a look in tomorrow's How to Wear it post.

5. The pieces have an edge that I'm drawn to, and yet the details keep the look refined in an organic way. Not easy to do. Another spoiler alert, this ring is also a part of this week's How to Wear it look. I can't get enough of this stuff!

1. Pyramid Hand Piece (shop online:  2. Zellij Breastplate (shop online:  3. Red Jasper Mountain Ring (shop online:  4. Pamela Love Zellij Pendant Necklace (shop online:  5. Pamela Love Cross Ring in Silver (shop online:

So, if you didn't know, now you know about Pamela Love. I'm truly inspired by her as a person and an artist. Looking forward to what she comes up with next.

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