Today's Look | How to Wear a Pencil Skirt with a Printed Sweater

Today's Look: Prints & Pencil Skirts

Check out the latest sneak peek from our October 2013 Lookbook that covers how to wear a pencil skirt by adding a little edge into the equation. Look-spiration is one thing. Is this a look that would work for your body type? Have you figured out your body type yet (get a final answer on whether you're a Pear, Hourglass, Apple, or Rectangle PLUS what to wear and what not to wear, courtesy of our free Style Guide here)?

So many questions... See what body type this look works for and how to make it work for YOUR body type PLUS shop everything you see here in our latest Lookbook (click below):



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sources: 1 TOPSHOP Merino Tile Jumper (, 2 Reiss Ajani Tuxedo Pencil Skirt (, 3 Jeffrey Campbell Wine Snake Darling Pump (, 4 Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair Shoulder Bag (, 5 Kitty Shades (, 6 Tory Burch Color Frete "T" Button Earring (

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Look-spiration | 1 Topshop Red Dress, 2 Ways to Wear It.

Look-spiration | 1 Topshop Red Dress, 2 Ways to Wear It

Happy Monday to you! Is that completely obnoxious to write?

You'll forgive me after you check out today's Look-spiration moment that features a red dress from Topshop well under $100, and two ways to wear it.

After ten years in the fashion industry, prancing (not all the time, but when I could, and the heels weren't too high, I would, trust me) up and down the halls of Neiman Marcus (i.e. still corporate America, don't let the shiny stuff fool you) I had developed a serious case of what I like to call a Jekyll/Hyde approach to personal style.

During the week, it was all business, well, all-business while working in the fashion industry still includes trends but still, the overall look was consistently polished.

The weekend would hit, and I'd slide right into my casual uniform (read: this always included denim in one form or another). The two sections of my wardrobe were exclusive from one another, until a few years ago when I started shopping with an agenda. Said agenda went as follows: if I bought something for work, it would have to be easy to translate into a casual look, and vice versa.

Versatility people. It's not rocket science. It's probably nothing new to you, but a good reminder never hurts. Especially when there are visuals involved.


sourcesTOPSHOP Strap Back Slip Dress (, DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN minimalist blazer (, SERGIO ROSSI Black Pumps (, 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Snakeskin & Leather Satchel (, Tory Burch Jordan Pendant Necklace (, Oscar de la Renta Firework Crystal Button Earring (

The first look polishes things up a bit for work with the simple addition of two core pieces every closet needs to have: 1. the black blazer, and 2. the classic, black pump. From there it's just a matter of incorporating some low-key accessories with one deviation, the bag. You can always go with a basic black leather tote or satchel. There's nothing wrong with that, and I totally get not wanting to move everything into another bag.

That said, I felt like a bit of 'edge' needed to come into play here (accessories are where I encourage you to play and bring out more of who you are) so I went with something a bit more exotic. Snakeskin works. Leopard, zebra, cheetah, or any other animal print would be a little overboard here, so, the adage of keeping everything in moderation definitely applies. Unsure? Like I mentioned, stick with what you know and go with a classic satchel instead. No harm no foul.


sourcesTOPSHOP Strap Back Slip Dress (, H&M Denim jacket (, Zara Leather Biker Mid-Cut Boot (, ALEXANDER WANG Handbag (, Oscar de la Renta Lace Gold Chain Bracelet (, MADEWELL Ribbon Ring (, Ray-Ban Oversized Original Aviator Sunglasses (

Look 2 takes the feminine dress and toughens it up a bit with a biker boot and bucket bag. The heavier boot works best with a long and lean body type, i.e. Rectangle or tall Hourglass. This is a more trend-forward look which means it definitely doesn't work for everyone. If you're a Pear, Apple, petite Hourglass, or completely averse to wearing anything that masculine on the bottom half of your fashion equation, substitute a stacked heel pump or more streamlined oxford bootie to keep it Fall-centric. Still toasty where you live? Perfect. Add in a nude sandal and you're all set (nude will also elongate like none other).

One dress, two ways to wear it, done and done. One more look idea for good luck? Sure, why not, it's the most expected look in my mind and that is just to leave the dress alone, sans layers (no blazer, no denim jacket) and pair it with a flat strappy sandal and an oversized satchel or hobo.

Inspired? Good. Want more? Check out the latest from what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop right here.


Get the Look | How to Wear Ruffles on the Top Half of the Fashion Equation

Today's 'Get the Look' is all about a little ruffle action courtesy of a Mulberry sleeveless top. I adore it, but does it adore me? That's the question we all ask right? We see something amazing, fall in love with a look in a glossy mag or catalog, and then start wondering, "will it look good on me?"

Is there going to be mutual fashion admiration or will this be a mis-match?

It's a great question. Compared to the styled-out, touched-up models, we (I'm generalizing here, but based on my own industry experience and styling clients, I'm guessing most of you can relate) are working with real-woman figures, no photoshopping, and the ever-present time crunch that occurs every morning as we ask the million dollar question: what am I going to wear today?

A great product (top, pant, jean, etc...) is one thing. A great piece that works for you and not against you is another. The trick is knowing what works best for your body type. On to the look, and then I'll touch on which body type this works for so you can see who should get the look and who may want to pass:

how to wear ruffles for day

Shop the Look:

 body type img

Body Type Recap: The volume that the ruffles bring on top work well for our Rectangle Ladies out there, just make sure you cinch it in with either a belt (soft, nothing too rigid to fight against the fabric) or possibly a layer of a more structured cardi/blazer that adds  definition by narrowing at the waist. Apples, walk away from the ruffles on top and go with something clean, streamlined, v-neck, etc. Your aim is to narrow your top and balance out your proportions with the bottom half.

Hourglass ladies, if you have a fuller bust you will want to cinch in the waist and swap out the skinny pant for something with more oomph along the hem. A bootcut or slight flare, let alone a wide leg (fitted through the thigh though), would be perfect to keep things in proportion.

And finally, my gorgeous Pear ladies out there. These ruffles are your friend because they will add shape and a little extra volume on top to balance out your curves below. No need to cinch in at the waist here. Just let it flow.


 Keep the shopping momentum going strong and continue on to the StyleShaker Closet where our team edits down our top picks and lines them up along the virtual shelves every week. This is where you can really dig into whatever you happen to be looking for. It's the perfect shopping starting point:


While you're at it, keep the momentum going and get some more inspiration in:

last slide

Get My Look | What I Wear When I Want to Smile Like I Mean It

Setting the intention: With everything I do on this site, my intention is simply to inspire you. It always has been and it always will be. Should you crack a smile on top of this, then my day is made. On to the Get My Look post..

Quick question: who doesn't have those days when you wish someone else would do the talking for you? You know the ones, when even bathing your brain in copious amounts of caffeine doesn't bring you to the point of wanting to speak like a grown up because you're not sure you can take one more second of the Monday business review meeting, the fifty-two page (um, why people, why?) powerpoint deck, or the same guy who walks into the elevator every Wednesday and says, "well, at least it's hump day right?"

If you can't relate, good for you. In my past life however, there were those days when speaking to another human being in a cordial manner (let alone coherently) seemed impossible (this is huge coming from an individual who could hold a steady conversation with a brick wall for hours).

It was on one of those exact days recently that a good friend told me to, "smile like you mean it, until you mean it." Um, ok? So, I took my friends advice and walked around at an early 8am meeting with a blatant (almost comical and slightly obnoxious even though that wasn't what I was going for)  smile on my face, much to the wonderment of my pre-first-coffee-of-the-day retail peers attending the same planning meeting.

Five minutes in, I actually started to feel on the inside like I looked on the outside. On top of that was the added bonus of watching others in the conference room smile with me. Whether it was because they questioned my sanity, thought I looked ridiculous, felt sorry for me being all alone in Smiley La-La Land, or were genetically predisposed to respond by mimicking my facial expression I don't know, and honestly I don't care. The room went from lifeless to happy in five minutes. Could what started as a fake smile really have been the catalyst to this shift?

After a bit of digging, I found out that smiling sends a trigger to your brain that literally changes your mood. Sure, when we're sad, we frown. But what if we can also bring on sadness because we frown? The same question applies to any expression, in this case, smiling.

It's an outside-in approach that fascinates me as a stylist. I do my work on the outside for the client which is all fine and good. But then I get to witness something below surface level. I see an instant impact on a client's mood (let alone a change in the way they look at themselves in the mirror; read: they work their look out) when I get them into a look that has them feeling surprisingly (for them, I saw it all along) confident. 

Clients are one thing. When I need to inspire myself but don't have my friend around for support, I turn to what I'm wearing to start the chain reaction. My smile soon becomes an accessory. 

Today's Get My Look moment involves a pair of to-die-for, crazy insanely printed, Kenzo pants. Every time I look down at a print that isn't for the fashionably timid (understatement), not only will I get a dose of color therapy, I'll start to smile. Here's the fashion-induced chain reaction for further explanation and your viewing pleasure (cue my own form of fashion science):

Pants > smile > triggers Brittany's brain > mood lifts > big ole' smile > smiling is contagious so everyone walking past me smiles back not really knowing why > onlookers' moods are elevated > those walking past previous onlookers smile, again, not knowing why but hey, why not? > and the domino effect continues...

Get it? All from a pair of printed Kenzo pants. Do  you love it? Are you smiling? You should and then go out and show the world so you can pass it along.

Get My Look What I Wear When I Want My Pants To Do the Talking For Me
Shop the Look:

Paul's Boutique Stella Leather Tote- SOLD OUT (shop more totes here)

Studded Leather Bracelet-SOLD OUT (shop more totes here)

Body type. Right. It's one thing to know what looks amazing in a shop-by-number montage, but does it work for your personal body type? That's the million dollar question. See below:

body type img

Rectangles, hourglasses (keep the heel, it's a must), you're all set. Apples, you can do it if you also keep a high heel in there to elongate. Pears, this is not for you as I'm sure you could imagine. Drawing the eye to the widest part of your fabulous silhouette is not the best style scenario (for you, or any other body type out there). Go with a fuller leg pant in a solid color to keep the fashion momentum going. Maybe even a washed, boot-cut jean in a warmer hue like peach or burgundy.

Love what's going on in the look but now you want even more Shopping Options, or (more likely) something has sold out? Don't let that stop you. Shop the StyleShaker Closet, category by fashion category below and see where the magic happens:


The StyleShaker is all about inspiration. Shopping inspiration, fashion inspiration, Look inspiration, and now inspiration via quotes.

It's one of my favorite things to do, share quotes that resonate with me, with my friends, so I'm incorporating into a few posts, just, cause. Take a minute, take a breath, take a step back and just be for a second. Fill up that part of yourself. Like I said, my intention is to inspire so have at it, and by all means, get inspired:

Time for a quote close up:

Get back to more inspiration when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop:

get inspired

Style Tutorial #5 | 1 T by Alexander Wang Red Button Front Shirt, 5 Ways to Wear It

Style Tutorial #5 started at the sight of T by Alexander Wang's, tomato-red, button front, crepe shirt. It's simple, clean, colorful, and classic which means, editing down the tutorial to just five looks was a challenge. This video could have gone on for days people...Days.

t by alexander wang shirt img

Often times, whether I'm doing a one-on-one consultation or group Styling Session, guests and clients ask me what 'essentials' they need to have in their closets for the season. It's kind of the million dollar question.
I've found that this 'core closet' as I call it, is really the key to every, single, wardrobe. Having the perfect basics for your body type (and knowing where to shop for them) as a fashion foundation allows you to tap into and wear one hundred (not just twenty) percent of what's in your closet.
This shirt from T by Alexander Wang is one of those basics. Sure, it's in a bold color, but it's not magenta, it's not highlighter-lime, it's a rich, tomato red which to me, can be as neutral as navy, olive, grey, or even taupe. It's just a more exciting way to wear a classic silhouette. Equally as versatile.
Don't see it yet? Good. The point is to show you something you may not have thought of, but your part of this is to remain a bit open to the possibilities. You've got nothing to lose.
That's what the Style Tutorials are all about: showing you new ways to wear pieces you see out in the shopping stratosphere so you can take the inspiration and incorporate it inside the walls of your own closet. Should you need a helping hand, a style translator to help you fine-tune your fashion language, I'm always here.
For now, it's video time. Take a peek at the latest, the five ways to wear this one sophisticated shirt:


HTW T by Alexander Wangs Silk Shirt 5 Ways to Wear
(Click the images to shop)

T by Alexander Wang Button-Front Crepe Shirt

River Island Blazer (sold out, already! I know. Shop more blazers in the Closet below)

Rachel Zoe 'Jett' Tuxedo Stripe Wide Leg Pants

Roberto Cavalli Ivory Pleated Floral Skirt

Helmut Lang Denim Pants

Rag & Bone Skinny Jean

See by Chloe Crepe Shorts

Sergio Rossi Kalhari Woven Sandal

Zara Sandals

Zara Pumps

Givenchy Cuff Sandals

Nude clutch

BCBG Runway Madison Portfolio Clutch

Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch

Claudia Satchel

Maiyet Small Como Satchel

Rosa Collar Necklace

Hervé Van der Straeten Pastilles Earrings

Adia Kibur Cuff

House of Harlow 1960 Double Sunburst Pendant Necklace

J Crew Tassel Necklace

Wild Soul Elephant Black/Blue Sunglasses


Love something and it's sold out? Or, love a pick from the video but are looking for more options? Not a problem. Keep shopping by category in our Happy Place, the StyleShaker Closet, updated weekly with the latest fashion finds: closetfeature

Here's the breakdown, look by look, so you can get up close and personal when it comes to the details. If you love a look and are going to try to pull it off, but you're unsure as to whether it's the right look for your body type, send me a quick note with your question and I'll get back to you.

look 1:


look 2:


look 3:


look 4:


look 5:


See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

get inspired

Online Shopping List | 20 New Arrival Finds that Just Hit my Favorite Sites

Good 'online shopping list' morning StyleShakers.

I'm always scouring away to find the new pieces that are hitting the virtual 'shelves' of my favorite online shopping spots on the web. It's a weekly/daily occurrence because, a. I love to check out what's new, and b., I tend to get plenty of questions from my personal styling/shopping clients as well as during my Sip & Style Sessions regarding where women can find specific pieces they're looking for in their wardrobe. Now, I'm sharing my finds with you.

This is what I consider 'research' (yet another reason I love this job) so take a minute, scroll through, and click to check out my latest finds from my top shopping spots. This round, I focused on:,,, and

Shop-on, and if you see something you need help with deciding on ('How could I wear this? is this top appropriate for my age?' or, 'Is this dress good for my body type?' or, 'Am I have a crazy moment for thinking these pants will be a good look for me?') ask a question. Its's that simple. These are the questions I've built my business on, and it's part of my life's mission to help women answer them but more importantly, feel good about what they buy so they can feel good wearing it when they're out and about, you know, running the world and all.

Was this just a 'warm up' for you? Keep the momentum going strong and check out the motherload of all shopping on The StyleShaker. It's what I call, The Closet, my happy place filled and updated weekly with new finds used for How to Wear Tutorials, Product Reviews, Personal Client Shopping Lists, and then some. Check out what's happening inside by clicking below:


See more on what to wear, how to wear it, my latest shopping finds, reviews, and tutorials, all right here.

Style Tutorial #3 | 1 Joie Top, 8 Ways to Wear It

Time for another StyleShaker Style Tutorial. Put down the blue books and No. 2 pencils people. This is all about soaking up some inspiration. No pop quizzes. Promise.

Main IMG Template

The Joie Berkeley silk top was a recent find that I had to play with and serve up, Mix Master style (i.e. think of Cher's closet from the movie Clueless and you'll understand a bit more of what I mean when I throw down terms like 'mix' and 'master' all in the same sentence this early on a Monday morning). The bottom line on this top? It's just too versatile not to create looks with. Let alone the fact that it's a universally flattering silhouette.

First things first, here a quick intro, from me, to you, on what today's post is all about:

Like I said, one top (from Joie) and eight, count 'em, eight ways to wear it. Here's the Lookbook Video:

Here's the look line up:

looks 1-4
looks 5-8
(Click the images to shop)

Joie Berkeley Top, SHOP MORE TOPS HERE.

Rag & Bone Moto Sliver Blazer IV, SHOP MORE BLAZERS HERE.

Reiss Nix Knitted Side Panel Skirt, SHOP MORE SKIRTS HERE.

J.Crew Midrise Toothpick Jean Distressed Indigo, SHOP MORE JEANS HERE.

MiH Jeans Marrakesh Mid-Rise Flared Jeans, SHOP MORE JEANS HERE.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Printed Jean, SHOP MORE JEANS HERE.


B Brian Atwood Cutout Suede Sandal, SHOP MORE SHOES HERE.


Gianvito Rossi Sandal, SHOP MORE SHOES HERE.

Diane Von Furstenberg ColorBlock Satchel, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

Madewell The Essex Messenger, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

Givenchy Tricolor Medium Nightingale Satchel, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloan Shoulder Bag, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

Hive & Honey Seven Row Bracelet, SHOP MORE BRACELETS HERE.

Monsoon Dante Ring, SHOP MORE RINGS HERE.

Kenneth Jay Lane Five Piece Gold Statement Necklace, SHOP MORE NECKLACES HERE.

Amrita Singh Gold Leaf Earring, SHOP MORE EARRINGS HERE.


Gorjana Bloom Hexagon Stud Earring, SHOP MORE EARRINGS HERE.

J.Crew Ray-Ban® Original Aviator Sunglasses, SHOP MORE SUNGLASSES HERE.

Alice + Olivia Luann Leather Wide Waistband Flare Skirt, SHOP MORE SKIRTS HERE.

Rag & Bone The Skinny Jean, SHOP MORE JEANS HERE.

Victoria Beckham Denim Powerskinny Jean, SHOP MORE JEANS HERE.

Mango Slits Sheer Maxi Skirt, SHOP MORE SKIRTS HERE.

Tory Burch Amalie Sandal, SHOP MORE SANDALS HERE.

Tory Burch Metallic Ginny Sandal, SHOP MORE SANDALS HERE.


Zara Leather Sandal, SHOP MORE SANDALS HERE.

Michael Kors Gia Studded Metallic Leather Clutch Bag, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

Coach Legacy Leather Rory Satchel, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

Marie Turnor Accessories The Lunch Clutch, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

J.Crew Farmer's Market Tote, SHOP MORE HANDBAGS HERE.

EABurns Iris Necklace in Neon Yellow, SHOP MORE NECKLACES HERE.

Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian Empyrean Necklace, SHOP MORE NECKLACES HERE.

Gorjana London Hoop Earrings, SHOP MORE EARRINGS HERE.

J.Crew Double-tassel Necklace, SHOP MORE NECKLACES HERE.

Topshop Stackable Rings (Set of 5), SHOP MORE RINGS HERE.

River Island Chunky Curb Chain Bracelet, SHOP MORE BRACELETS HERE.
Body Types HEADER
body type img
PEARS: You're all about Looks- 2,4,5, and 8. The trick here is to balance out your silhouette with what you're wearing on top, AND, keep a heel in the equation to elongate. So, if you're going the skinny jean route, the Joie top is a perfect piece to pull off the look. Leave it loose and untucked. And again, keep a higher heel to keep extending the eye-line vertically.
RECTANGLES: All skate. You can pick and choose your favorite look, 1-8, and try it on.
HOURGLASSES: Look 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are your friend. Look one is too much fabric for an hourglass silhouette. You can pull it off, but it's not the best look to accentuate your classic shape. Look 3 is going to flare a bit at the waist so if you're watching your hip action, go for the pencil skirt look as an alternate.
APPLES: Finally, my Apple ladies. Looks 3, 5, and 7 are going to be the looks you should gravitate towards. They are the perfect mix of clothing and accessories that will help balance out your inverted triangle proportions seamlessly.

Silk shortsleeve blouses are just one fashion category of sooooo sooooo many. There's always more where that came from. Check out the pieces that are pulled each week while digging for my clients. They're all lined up, all of the favorite picks from my favorite shopping spots on-line, in the StyleShaker Closet.

Welcome to your Shopping Starting Point:

(click the image below to dive in)


Want to get in for a better look? Cue the close-ups:


look 5


look 6


look 7


look 8


look 1


look 2


look 3


look 4

See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

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How to Wear | Peplum & a Full Skirt in 7 Steps

Love a peplum top, love a full skirt, why not put the two together in a fabulous look with 7 easy steps to pull off any ensemble seamlessly right? Right. Here's how to wear a peplum top and full skirt:

lk 4

Click the links on the list to shop:

shop item 1 shop item 2 shop item 3 shop item 4 shop item 5 shop item 6 shop item 7

The StyleShaker

What's the best body type for this look?

Pears: this is not going to be your moment. The peplum is perfect for adding curves and will accentuate any waist so if you're wanting the focus to be the complete opposite, as several of my favorite pear-shaped clients do, then swap the peplum top for a fitted crew neck tee that falls slightly over the waistline of the skirt.

Rectangles: This is PERFECT for you. The look will add shape and proportion to your athletic lines in a cinch.

Hourglass: Here's where you get to play up your silhouette. Heels will be a MUST to elongate with all the curvy action that will be brought out by the combination of the peplum top and skirt.

Apple: Keep the skirt, lose the peplum top. Instead, substitute a fitted, white v-neck top, you could do three-quarter sleeves or just go with a clean tee. The v-neck will bring the eye in and lengthen a bit. Definitely keep the heels in the equation to keep that vertical line extending.

body type img

There's always more where that came from. Check out the pieces that are pulled each week while digging for my clients. They're all lined up, all of the favorite picks from my favorite shopping spots on-line, in the StyleShaker Closet.

Need to shop but you're overwhelmed by the ridiculous numbers of emails flooding your inbox? Exhale, relax, and welcome to your Shopping Starting Point: (click the image below to dive in)


In the mean time...five picks that inspired me. Of course, that means I had to share.

links to love header


Harper's Bazaar February 2013 (source:



dancing in the rain. (source:



Harper's Bazaar February 2013 (source:



love me some Tory. (source:



truth. (source: Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier


See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

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How to Wear | Sleeveless Peplum Top + Floral Pencil Skirt

Today's How to Wear look was inspired by an Alexander McQueen sleeveless peplum top that served up some serious style all via a little extra fabric in the back. I'm obsessed with it, so naturally, I (easily) found a way to incorporate it into a look, and this time, all it took was a classic pencil skirt, with a not-so-class floral print from Raoul (another designer I'm loving at the moment). See what I mean:

lk 2 |

With all of the 'oomph' coming from the top and skirt, I kept the accessories clean and classic with the help of the ankle strap sandal from Zara that you will wear to death (guaranteed) and a Michael Kors satchel that stays in line with the whole sophisticated lady vibe. The jewelry is the icing on the cake, per the norm. Cue those vintage-inspired drop earrings from Alexis Bittar and a plexi bangle unlike anything else I've seen out there from Stella McCartney.

shop item 1 shop item 2 shop item 3 shop item 4 shop item 5 shop item 6

The StyleShaker

Which body type is this look best suited for?

body type img

The elongated peplum on this sleeveless top is amazing, yes, but the exaggerated silhouette means it's' not going to be for every body type. The Pears out there will want to opt out of the peplum and go for a button front, silk, sleeveless blouse to tuck into the skirt. As for the  Rectangles and Apples, the peplum will definitely help with proportions. You could always go with a shorter peplum top, there are tons of them right now from Topshop to French Connection.

Finally, the classic hourglass silhouette can totally pull this off, but if you're an uber-curvy hourglass, I'd suggest going with a shorter peplum top so you don't overemphasize your hips and have them steal the show.

Speaking of alternatives to complete the above look for your body type, see more in the way of tops, pants, jewelry, shoes, bags, and then some, all lined up and updated weekly in the StyleShaker Closet (click below):


Back at the ranch...

It's time for a little link love. Here are five picks I found this week that totally inspired me. It's time for some eye candy.

links to love header


strike a pose. (source:



@Fab find. (source:



wrist trist. (source:

arm candy


di-vah. (source:



the moment. (source:


Check out more in the way of inspiration on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, by clicking below:

get inspired


Time to get back to where it all begins.

The Love List | Today's Top 10 Shopping List Picks that Just Hit the Web

It's time for another list of the top 10 favorites to shop, right, now. I'm constantly scouring the web for the personal shopping side of the biz, so it's only natural that I share what I find. Every week I check out the top shopping spots on the web and pull in all of the new arrivals I love. The StyleShaker Closet is always in a state of flux, as it should be. The shopping list never ends, it's like the circle of life, sans Simba.

Today I fell in love with a Nicholas K '2fer' jacket from Free People that I have never seen anything like, an Ikat skinny jean from Sass & Bide that will undoubtedly steal the thunder on any look at Net-a-Porter (read: wear with a neutral), a hi/low dress from Nicole Miller at Bloomies in a cobalt blue that still has me holding my breath, a pair of ankle strap sandals WITH a stacked heel from NastyGal, and the perfect black bag from Phillip Lim at Shopbop. That's only five out of ten. See what else made today's shopping list:

insta inspo.