Daily Find & How to Wear It: Need Supply's Draped Jacket

This Week's Daily Find: Need Supply's Draped Jacket, and the Real Kicker, How I'm Going to Wear It

This one is a goodie. I've found myself going down the Fall Essentials Shopping Checklist, cross-referencing my own Closet, and realizing that I went a little off into the deep end on my recent donations to my favorite local charity, Attitudes and Attire.

Yep, I'm running low people, I just couldn't stop myself on the last purge. I'll always say the first stop is to shop your closet, but when the racks are looking a bit sad and empty, it's time to turn to the shopping checklist. I've got a number of openings on my own list so budget is key. Cue, this draped jacket from Need Supply. See why it won me over and hit 'Daily Find,' status:

This jacket is the perfect layering piece that I will wear to death, without a doubt. And the price is ridiculous, under $70.

If you think about how many times you'll wear something in a year, divide that by the total amount spent, you get a good feeling for 'value.' It's why investment pieces seem scary at first, but in the end, if you go for versatility and classic silhouettes that work for your shape, you're golden.

Trend pieces can pop into the wardrobe now and then, I just don't usually thrown down on those since they have a relatively short style lifespan.

You saw the find, now it's time to take a quick look on how I'm wearing it:

1. Which We Want Draped Wool Jacket (www.needsupply.com), 2. J Brand Low Rise Pencil Leg Jean (www.farfetch.com), 3. Isabel Marant Jacob Fringed Suede and Leather Wedge Boots (www.net-a-porter.com), 4. Essential Tank Barkins (www.barkins.com.au), 5. Proenza Schouler PS1 Extra Large Leather in Smoke (www.forwardforward.com)

Every week there's usually a favorite pick that rises to the surface of the shopping list, but that is not to say that there isn't a plethora (big word for a Monday) of other style options that weren't selected.

As a matter of fact, these hand-picked goodies get rotated in and out of the StyleShaker Closet everyday, so if you're game to keep up the shopping momentum and browse through some other editor's picks when it comes to jackets (and all the rest of the fashion categories we know and love), shop the Closet (click below):

Welcome to the Q&A portion of the day. I'll keep it short and sweet. Have something in your closet you need help with? Ask the question and we'll tell you how to wear it. Click below:

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