What To Wear | Get 10 Crosby Derek Lam’s Spring 2012 Runway Look, For Less. Round 2

The question: what to wear? The answer: mixed stripes in a look inspired by 10 Crosby Derek Lam's Spring 2012 runway collection. It's all about how to get the runway look for less, and it starts with me using the runway as a catalog. Speaking of that, here's the look:

(source: www.style.com)

I love the color and the slightly kamikaze use of stripes on this one. Somehow, when you think the combination would never work, Derek Lam pulls off just the opposite, and it all coordinates in it's own, original way. Now, it's time to find this look, months after the collection was sent down the catwalk, and for a lot less than what you would have spent when it first hit the floors in the stores and the web:

1. 10 Crosby Derek Lam Shirt - Multi Stripe (shop online: www.bloomingdales.com)  2. 10 Crosby Derek Lam Straight Leg Cuffed Combo Pants (shop online: www.shopbop.com)  3. Christian Louboutin Summerissima Platform Sandals (shop online: www.mytheresa.com)

The multi-stripe top is still out there, for now, and marked down with the rest of Spring merch. The pants are following suit, and above are the links for you to shop. I will say, knowing after about a decade in luxury retail that it's all about timing, I wouldn't wait around on these picks. They will sell out sooner than later. Again, it's all about knowing when to look and taking the opportunity to get the designer runway look for a little, or a lot in this case, less.

I threw in a perfect platform sandal that just happens to be completely on-point with the color-blocking trend, and also happens to be from Louboutin. If you're not all about throwing down on a pair of 'Loubie's,' (neither am I, but I do love them for the inspiration element), shop more sandal picks that will fit into the ensemble and budget here.

My fellow retailers are most likely cringing while reading this, if they'd ever read something like this to begin with, and for that, I am in no way sorry. It is what it is and I happen to love finding these picks at a more reasonable price, and then sharing my finds with you.

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What to Wear | Get 10 Crosby Derek Lam's Spring '12 Runway Look For Less in 3 Steps

The concept is simple, it begins with love at first sight, on the catwalk. Several months later that look, if bought by the major retailers, hits the floors, virtual and other. A few months after that, the buyer's show that they don't actually allocate their 'buys,' with a magic eight ball (no one is perfect), and the sales start to pop up. I find the same look I fell for way back when, pull it together in a few, in this case three to be exact, steps, and serve it up for your viewing pleasure.

We begin at the beginning. What to Wear?

Here's the Spring 2012 runway look from 10 Crosby Derek Lam:

source: www.style.com

That look went down the runway aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back in September of last year (2011). I saw it, I loved it, the layering was a stroke of brilliance, albeit lacking any element of surprise knowing Derek Lam's fashion track record. But, could I afford it, or better, did I want to spend over one thousand US dollars on the amazing dress alone? Yea, the answer on both is no. And this is coming from someone who has spent the last decade in retail, nay, high-end, luxury retail where the term 'markdown,' is equivalent to the word, 'calories.'

It occurred to me over the past weekend, and yes, I'm slow on the uptake at times, admittedly so, that the runway looks I've been pulling over the past, well, since I can remember, aren't just pretty pictures to me. I want to wear this stuff, and if I can't do that, I'm going to be inspired by the looks and buy something to pull it off all on my own. The rest of this site is about the latter, for now it's about using the runway pictures as my personal catalog. So, since I've been prancing up and down (you can actually prance on platform booties with enough caffeine) the luxury retail hallways for ten years or so, I know when the shows come, when the merch hits (stores or web), and when the markdowns (gasp, there I go again) happen.

Here is the runway look, for less, with a little addition of an accessory to complete the look:

1. 10 Crosby by Derek Lam Solid Drop Waist Shirt Dress (shop online: www.shoplesnouvelles.com)  2. 10 Crosby by Derek Lam Stripe Pencil Skirt (shop online: www.shoplesnouvelles.com)   3. Casadei platform sandal (shop online: www.farfetch.com)

Let's just say, you could have blown over $1200 on the look, sans anything else on your body (just the dress and the skirt) or you could pony up $579 now, if your size is available (a hazard of shopping off price, but when it works out, the reward is totally worth the risk and extended shopping patience). That's over seven hundo that stays with you. Ok fine, for those of you who may not live in the warped world of designer fashion, this sounds ridiculous. I totally get that. You could get the look in one, two, three steps, or go on vacation and hit the beach with an umbrella drink. It's all relative, and trust me, I have taken option B several times, the beach has that effect on me. But this isn't about life's big questions, it's about me being a bit of an 'eagle eye' on shopping runway looks I love, and bringing them back to you at a more 'affordable' pricepoint.

This concept by the way, is reason enough to have me exiled from the retail world all together. It goes against all of the rules, and I'm sure I'm severing any future best-friend, pink-swear moments with some amazingly talented designers out there, but so goes life. I like the idea, I'm the one shopping, I know how IN-sane markups can be, and I think getting a bit more realistic about the runway, while still respecting it for all of the creative art that is sent down each season, is fine. Actually, I think it's pretty freakin enjoyable.

So for now, that's just one look from 10 Crosby. It hit the Spring 2012 trends on the head, so it was bought heavily, which means, it is now still available on sale in some very specific spots on the web. Wanna see what all of that means? Check out more looks, where to shop online for them, and how to get them for less here.

How to Wear | Stripes, Inspired By 10 Crosby Derek Lam

A Spring 2012, 10 Crosby Derek Lam runway shot was the inspiration behind this how-to-wear it, runway re-creation moment. I bought a striped, three quarter length tee at H&M in Paris of all places, in January, and ended up with a case of buyer's remorse. Obviously price wasn't the issue, it was H&M so we're not talking expensive. But I was so let down by the fact that this shirt both faded and fit poorly after one wash. I know better than to expect couture, but I wasn't expecting disposable. Sad face.

My sad little H&M was sandwiched between a tour of Notre Dame and one of the best midday wine breaks I have ever experienced in my life, so it didn't really put a damper on things for too long. That said, I've been on the hunt for some stripes ever since, and although other shopping list items have stolen my focus recently (there's the pop color pencil skirt I'm dying for, the denim button front shirt, etc.), running across this 10 Crosby Derek Lam look was a quick reminder that, yep, I'm still in desperate need of some stripes for summer cause it's kind of already arrived, the season that is. Well maybe, not for much longer...

See the inspiration look here:

(via www.style.com)

And now it's time for me to re-create the look with my own spin on things. Check out the shop-by-number and see how to wear some stripes here:

1. Louche Blazer by SMYTHE (shop online: www.singer22.com)  2. Polly Popover (shop online: www.jcrew.com)  3. Derek Lam Trousers with Black Laminate Stripes (shop online: www.shopbop.com)  4. Mulberry Bayswater Croco-Embossed Tote (shop online: www.mytheresa.com)  5. Kenneth Jay Lane Stone Station Necklace (shop online: www.shopbop.com)  6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Seville Platform (shop online: www.zappos.com)

It all comes together and stays with the contrasting strip theme from the runway shot, just a few less stripes on my re-creation. No more sad face after these finds thank you very much. I'll be clicking around on J.Crew's site and have a button front, striped shirt in my hands in less than three to five business days. Sure, the delivery on this go 'round won't arrive between a visit to a historical landmark and some of the best wine I have ever gulped down, but I think I can make do and figure something else out. It will be a reason to celebrate after all, so I'll pull something together and make it work. I always do.

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