Today's Pick, Jason Wu's Striped Sweater & How to Wear It

I love it when the two worlds of What to Wear & How to Wear It come together, especially in one little fashion post. Today's inspiration comes courtesy of Jason Wu and one super-impressive striped sweater. See what I'm talking about below. Here's what to wear:

Jason Wu Striped Crochet-Knit Cotton-Blend Sweater

And now it's on to how to wear it:

the look montage

source:  Jason Wu Striped Crochet-Knit Cotton-Blend Sweater (, Mother Denim High Waist Skinny Jean (, See By Chloe Cuffed High Heel Sandals (, Deux Lux Empire Strikes Back Convertible Backpack (, Judy Geib Gold Large Squash Hoop Earrings (, Hervé Van Der Straeten 24-Karat Gold-Plated Cuff (

Like I mentioned earlier, it isn't just about what to wear, it's all about how to wear it. Do you wear about an eighth of what's actually hanging in your closet, a. because you don't know what you have back there, b. because you don't know how to wear what you do have, or c. because you don't have the time or brain power at six in the morning to figure it out (I guess I should put a d. all of the above)? You're not alone.

Never ask, 'what am I going to wear?' again by getting on the list my clients have already discovered, the What to Wear Weekly Lookbook list. Check it all out, and see what you get for under $20, or just click away to get some Lookbook inspiration:

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There's always more shopping where that comes from, the Wu sweater is just the appetizer. See what other shopping courses are lining the walls of our happy place, the StyleShaker Closet:





See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop here.

What I'm Wearing | Catching Up With Old Friends, Giving a Little Legging Action

I moved to Dallas almost ten years ago with two bean bags (not even joking) a teeny, tiny television, a bookstand, and a bed. I planned on being here for no more than a year. Best laid plans...

When I first arrived on the scene I was a fish out of water and on really REALLY hot, dry land. Then I met my first group of friends just north of the city where I was living. I was raised by east coat parents so I knew I'd never necessarily 'belong' below the Mason Dixon line, but this crew took me under their wing.  These people would have given me the shirts off their backs if they could have, actually some literally did just that. They were the ones that helped to make this strange land filled with Sunday-fundays at the pool, the football-obsessed, and every excuse to gather a group of friends around a  few (translation=way more than a few) margaritas, my not-so-temporary home.

Recently, one friend from the original 'crew' texted me, and I proceeded to do the one thing I absolutely can't stand. I completely flaked out on my response. I had good reason for said flakiness having just quit my job (a.k.a. the one others referred to as a 'promising career in retail') after ten years and diving head first into the world of the self-employed. Right, so the initial text came to me in August. My response, oh you know, was sent in December, four months after the fact. Pretty bad, even with the major life changes...

After a little groveling (which mind you, was totally unnecessary since the friends I've come to know and love here are ridiculously kind and forgiving, one more perk of being based in the area) I get to finally catch up and see what my old friend has been up to tonight.

You know what this means right? I need a 'Catching Up with Old Friends,' look of course. I'm using one pick from my closet (the Free People seamed navy leggings that I now own in four colors because they're just that good) and building a look around it with other pieces that resemble the rest of what's living in my closet (and if not, I can always call up my friends at my favorite Dallas boutiques to get what I need in a snap). This is exactly what I do for my What to Wear Weekly Lookbook clients, it started with me and I like to share. After all, why offer the service if I don't even use it myself? Seriously.

Now, instead of thinking about what I'm going to wear, I get to focus on catching up and enjoying the night. Here's the look:


source: 1. J. Crew Collection Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee (, 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale Printed Wool Scarf (, 3. ALDO Romelia Suede Court Shoe (, 4. Vanessa Bruno Mini Sac (, 5. Vince Camuto Chevron Cuff  (

Time for a little shopping close-up (click the pics to get your 'shop' on):


1 J. Crew Collection Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee


2 Marc By Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale Printed Wool Scarf


3 ALDO Romelia Suede Court Shoe


4 Vanessa Bruno Mini Sac


5 Vince Camuto Chevron Cuff

At the beginning of the week I line up a few key looks that I want to use as inspiration for the upcoming agenda of events. Whether it's a major event or just an everyday moment, the goal is to know what I'll be wearing so I can simplify life a bit and focus my energy on enjoying things. Here's the line-up I pulled this week. I ended up going with look number seven because of how easy, simple, clean and chic it is. Plus, with a few accessories, it seamlessly transitions into a look that can be worn for a casual evening out. Sometimes less is more (cue the collective gasp from the fashion community and accessory buyers all over the world; sorry but it's true)...

weekly look line up2

source: look 5 (, look 6 (, look 7 (, look 8 (

So, there you have it, what I'm wearing to catch up, simple and easy. Cheers to old friends and letting the vino flow...


It's about what to wear, sure. We all know and love that part. The part filled with fashion director's 'must-haves' for the season. But let's not forget about the whole, 'how to wear it,' piece of the fashion equation. What good is the ankle boot you have had sitting in the back of your closet with the rest of the 'untouchables' (you know where I'm going with this; every one of my clients calls me because they're wearing less than an eighth of what's in their closets and they need to figure out how to wear the rest or just some moral support when it comes to purging and donating; just see what they had to say) if you don't know how to wear it? And finally, what good is the outfit if you have no where to take it out for a spin?

Those three pieces are massively significant in life. Fashion, whether you like it or not, is an important part of your day and it doesn't have to be so hard. No more: 'what am I going to wear today?' Now you can spend your energy on figuring out the grand adventures you'll have in the looks you've got lined up for the week. Have fun with it, and get on the list now while you still can at that price. Why take my fashion advice in the first place? Good question.

On to more inspiration when it comes to the Style Trifecta...what to wear, how to wear it, and what you're going to do in it. It's all here.

What to Wear | 5 Looks That Will Inspire You To Change It Up a Bit

What to wear? You've got options. I love creating looks, especially for my clients when I get to use actual picks from their personal closets and show them countless ways to wear them they would have never dreamt up. I started doing it in my own closet as a method of survival while working in the land of luxury fashion. Ten years and hundreds of looks later, I now get to share what I love and help simplify life a bit for clients who can now spend the energy they were putting into 'what am I going to wear today?' on actually living their lives. They can walk into their day feeling good about what they have on, and consequently, feel good about themselves. It's a win-win.

Styling 'mush moment' aside... Sometimes I just cant stop creating these looks and a few favorites end up without their rightful cameo on the site or in a client's What to Wear Weekly Lookbook for one reason or another. So, now's their time, and no one is stealing their thunder. Check out five looks that will hopefully inspire you to switch things up a bit with what you have hanging in your own closet...


look img 1

source:  1. Sandro Ciseau Silk Blouse (,  2. Rachel Zoe Hutton Tuxedo Pants (,  3. One by Abaco Jamily Bag (,  4. Ann Taylor Delaney Haircalf Stacked Platform Pumps (,  5. Lulu Frost Hera Studs (   


look img 2

source:  1. Alice + Olivia India Fur Cascade Vest (,  2. Equipment Slim Signature Star Print Blouse (,  3. All Saints Lucille Leather Skirt (,  4. Aldo Romelia Suede Court Shoes (,  5. Marc Jacobs Baroque Single Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag (  


look 5

source:  1. Topshop Crop Back Collarless Jacket (,  2. Rebel Yell Viva Logo V-Neck Tee In Heather Gray (, 3. J Brand Aiden Distressed Boyfriend-Fit Jeans (,  4. Opening Ceremony Oc La Small Satchel (,  5. Madison Harding Women's Barbara Ankle Boot (


look 4

source:  1. Velvet by Graham & Spencer "Joss" Slub Cotton Slouchy Tee (,  2. Jacob Cohen Flared Jeans (,  3. B Brian Atwood Peep Toe Pump (,  4. Rachel Zoe Tote Deux  (,  5. Carrera 32/S Sunglasses (,  6. Adia Kibur Wide Cuff (


look img 3

source:  1. HELMUT / Drape Front Cardigan (,  2. J. Crew Perfect-Fit Boatneck Tee (,  3. Citizens Of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny Jeans (, 4.  Pauric Sweeney Python Satchel (,  5. Diane von Furstenberg Claret Platform Ankle Boots  (


It's not just about what to wear, but how to wear it, and even more so, what you're going to go do in that look. Are you not dying for a week off from having to ask yourself, "what am I going to wear today?" I know I was. It's like a weight is lifted, I'm not even being melodramatic here (which is rare). If you don't believe me, see what my client's are saying here.

Want to get on the list and start receiving your What to Wear Weekly Lookbook stat? Sign up asap to get in while one week is still under $20. Or sign up for the month if you're feeling like you want to be really nice to yourself today.

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Keep the shopping momentum going strong. See the rest of the picks lining the virtual walls of the StyleShaker Closet:


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Top 5 Shopping List & the D'Orsay Pump That Puts All Other Pumps to Shame

Pops of pink have found a home amidst the five hand-picked favorites that make up today's shopping list. From the Noir 'Hacienda' cuff that looks best on a wrist that has a hand at the end of it holding a margarita (on the rocks), to a pair of Pura Lopez ankle boots that add some interest via a little blue suede. Next comes an everyday basic from Mason by Michelle Mason, turned upside-down with an injection of hot pink. Not for the fashionably timid. And finally, the perfect pairing of a Diego Dolcini super-soaked magenta suede shoulder bag and the Lavin Bow D'orsay platform pumps polishes the list off in must-have accessory form.

main post montage template 4_top


This cuff is essentially a party on your wrist. Bring color into any fashion equation.

1 Noir Jewelry Pastel Hacienda Cuff


Blue suede ankle boots? Yes, it actually works.

2 Pura Lopez Ankle boots


Throw this top back to some distressed skinny jeans and you're done.

3 Mason by Michelle Mason Fine-knit Cashmere and Silk Top


Color therapy, in shoulder bag form.

4 Diego Dolcini Suede And Laminated Leather Shoulder Bag


Prepare to drool. Meet the epitome of feminine footwear, the bow d'orsay pump, courtesy of Lavin. Who else could pull this together so well?

5 Lanvin Bow D'Orsay Platform Pump copy copy

source: 1. Noir Jewelry Pastel Hacienda Cuff (,  2. Pura Lopez Ankle Boots (, 3. Mason by Michelle Mason Cashmere and Silk Top (, 4. Diego Dolcini Shoulder Bag (, 5. Lanvin Bow D'Orsay Platform Pump (

Time to keep the shopping momentum going. See more hand-picked favorites lining the walls of the virtual StyleShaker closet. These goodies are updated weekly when I shop for my clients' What to Wear Weekly Lookbooks. See more personal shopping picks and click below:


Zen moment...


Confucius says, well, you already read what he said. I suppose this quote could go hand in hand with, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' This one is relatively cut and dry. I posted it here because I happen to be in awe of people who can find the beauty in almost anything. Actually, I try to hang around those people as much as humanly possible when I find them.

Isn't it interesting to think that, walking down the street, what one person sees is different from what another person sees? I know this is basic information, but when you dig in a little deeper, it's kind of a beautiful (pun intended) thing. It's what makes the word go 'round, what makes variety a good thing. And in the world of fashion, it plays a major role.

The industry is filled with people offering direction on what's hot, what's trendy, what you 'must have' this season. I agree with  a little fashion direction, we all could use a little fashion 101 from the experts. But that is just a solid (depending on who you're listening to) style foundation as each season comes and goes.

From there, it comes down to you and what your eyes deem as beautiful. Sure, there are general guidelines that we have evolved to recognize as 'pretty' or visually pleasing that differ from one culture to the next. But then there's the wild card, the edge of the commercial cliff where the social direction fades and your imagination begins to take hold.

This is where the magic happens. In the industry, this is the point where the business falls to the way side and the art of fashion begins. I happen to love this part. The part where you take someone's creation and make it your own.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Happy New Year! Happy New Top 5 Shopping List...

Today's shopping list, and hence the new year, starts with a super-rich take on red, all in a blazer, thanks to Rag & Bone. Next at bat is a hammered gold cuff that is nothing like any other cuff you've seen (which is saying something; they're everywhere). Kenzo makes an entrance with a bright leather and cotton bag that is at the very least, a conversation starter, and Givenchy brings us boot perfection. Finally, to top it off, French Connection serves up what I lovingly call the 'power dress.'

The gang's all here:

main post montage template 4_top


Red anything, and I'll take two please. A red blazer from Rag & Bone, and I'll buy stock in the product. Aaaaand, I'm in love.

1 Rag & Bone Rag & Bone Exclusive Sliver Blazer


You could get two and pretend like they have magical powers. No? Ok fine, one is plenty. Is this not the most interesting hammered gold cuff you've seen in a long time? I know...

2 Hervé Van Der Straeten Hammered Gold Plated Cuff


Half-conversation starter, half-piece of art to wear on your shoulder. I adore Kenzo ready-to-wear, and now I can add their handbags to the list. A happy addition to say the least.

3 Kenzo Le Dix-Huit Tejus Leather And Cotton Bag


Picture a black ankle boot. Ok, now see how to really pull it off. I'd say I can't even take it, but I can, and I will.

4 Givenchy Shoe Boots


Now you can pull off the shape of a tank dress for Fall/Winter. Talk about accentuating the hour glass shape, I mean, this is beyond.

5 French Connection Hattie Jersey Dress

source: 1. Rag & Bone Rag & Bone Exclusive Sliver Blazer (, 2. Hervé Van Der Straeten Hammered Gold Plated Cuff (, 3. Kenzo Le Dix-Huit Tejus Leather And Cotton Bag (, 4. Givenchy Shoe Boots (, 5. French Connection Hattie Jersey Dress (  

What to wear? Done and done. See the picks that made their way onto the virtual walls lining the StyleShaker closet below:


Zen moment:


It's really a sick joke life can play on you. And yet, it happens. For type A personalities like myself, this Warhol quote can cause an even greater level of frustration. The kind that falls right in-between pulling your hair out and rocking back-and-forth in the fetal position. Get the picture?

Everyone tells you to let go. There are songs written about it, novels, websites, self-help books, movies, and the list goes on. And yet, I still couldn't tell you how to figuratively let go of something you've held on to for a long time. I just don't know how to do it, outside of changing one's focus from the proverbial 'there' to 'here.'

If you have an easier way of loosening one's grip, by all means, make this a forum and share the love. For now, this is a zen moment that's all about reflection. There's no black and white here, just that lovely grey we all know and love.

I will however, leave you with this. Words written by someone who has obviously put far more thought and care into the 'art' of letting go:

At the most practical level, pushing continuously against resistance burns down our available reservoir of energy, and makes us less capable of doing anything well. Beyond that, pushing too hard can end up getting you what you think you want, only to discover, too late, that there was a good reason it didn't come together in the first place. Resistance is an early warning signal.

-Tony Schwartz

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

The Shopping List | It's Monday, Which Means, It's Time for Sequined Leggings Of Course

Morning sunshines. I know, most like that is the last phrase you want to be reading on a Monday but I'm following it up with a super-edited, hand-picked shopping list, so it can't be all that bad right? And besides, that's what my mother used to wake me up with at the crack so now, I'm passing along the tradition right before I dive into today's hit list that covers a couple of new discoveries making me ridiculously giddy at such an early hour here on the east coast...

I found Una Burke on-line the other day and have since fallen head over heels for her technically gorgeous designs. Think: wearable pieces of leather art wrapped together (bondage-esque) in ways you or I would never dream up. Best discovery so far, and it starts with a cinched cuff...



I have this thing with bags, a bit of a fixation really. It stems from living (literally, all I was missing was an acceptable bed) in the designer handbag buying office at Neiman Marcus. While there I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly of the handbag world, and I have to say, there were very few picks that fell into the 'good' category that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Bottom line: A handbag is going to be an investment, if you want a great (unique, not talking about those logo-drenched numbers) looking bag that will last. Does it need to be a four figure purchase? No. Actually, hell no. I'm happy to say that, although I see some amazing quality out there starting at $200 and above, Zara is doing what they do best, and picking up where others have left off. The silhouette of the below bucket bag with zips, not to mention the color, is spot-on. It's a great bag (sure, the leather is not the kind you'd see on designer labels, but it's far beyond those plastic picks that smell like gasoline; pick one up and take a whiff next time, you can learn a lot about quality at the expense of the people around you looking at you like you've lost it, smelling handbags left and right), and the price is right in-line with what you'd expect from Zara. Oh happy handbag moment...


Meet another new name, this time I found it on Etsy, and I had to share. The NOLAbead leather bracelet fits perfectly into what I'm always on the hunt for when it comes to casual that can be dressed up, but is just simple and easy. Loving the mint green color, the layering, and the price points that are essentially unbeatable. I love when that happens.


Yep, it's a sequined legging, and yep, it's officially on the list. Don't squint, don't squirm, just think about a new take on a holiday party. These are not for the timid, nor the pear shape if I'm going to be completely honest here, which, I always am. If your legs are not your favorite body part, move along and go celebrate the part(s) of your body you love. Throw a tunic over these leggings, get some volume on top, and head out for the night. There are stories to be made here.

source: 1. Una Burke Cinched Cuff (, 2. Yves Saint Laurent Purple Suede Catherine Pumps (, 3. Zara Bucket Bag with Zips (, 4. NOLAbead Beaded Leather Bangle Cuff Bracelet (, 5. Carrie Sparkle Sequined Leggings (

Five is never enough, but it does get the shopping ball rolling. Shop the rest of the picks lining the walls and ready to be checked out in the virtual StyleShaker closet:

Time for a little inspiration:

It's true. It's a pain in the ass at times, which you know unless you've been living in an emotional bubble for the entirety of your life, and if so, wow, that's both frightening and quite impressive. But Robert Frost was speaking the truth on this one...

A good friend of mine was telling me this over wine one night, she worded it a bit differently than Frost (we were at least a bottle in mind you) but in the end, the message was the same. The amount of energy spent trying to find a way to not get hurt, a way around the things we're afraid of, can often times be exponentially greater than if we just faced things head on.

It's just another reminder that the unknown may be worse in our minds than it is in reality. I know you've heard it before, but the concept bears repeating, well, at least in my life it does, and you just happen to be along for the ride. Yay you!

Regardless of my little adventures, I do believe that Robert Frost, in just a couple of key words back in the day, has managed to sum up a range of emotions that are pretty close to universal.

Is there something you've been skirting around, trying to get through unscathed because you're afraid of the 'what if's?'

Cue these questions: What if I fail? What if it breaks us up? What if I never live up to their expectation? Sound familiar?

Try this: What if I succeed beyond any stretch of my imagination? What if I find true love in the process of it all and create space for healthy love to come into my life? Or what if, I mean, what if I decide to detach any emotional ties to what 'they' think and start living, really living my best life, the only way I can live it?

What if we looked at the good stuff that could happen and not just the bad right? I'm working on it as well so, we're in this together.

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop here.

10 More Picks to Consider for your Shopping List, from Minkoff to a Sass & Bide Sequined Number that Needs to be Seen

Today's top 10 Shopping List covers everything from blue-washed leather hobo, to a faux fur-framed collar on a coat I'm going ga-ga for.

Follow it up with a pair of sequined leggings that are fun to look at, let alone wear out, and you're all set. But first, it's montage time people, you know the drill:

There's something to be said about venturing outside the realm of your basic black, brown (or white for summer) everyday handbag, but what do you go for right? A metallic? Maybe. Something with an exotic print? Always a good option, or, you could try something on in a brighter color to pull things out of 'basic' and into 'original,' as far as style goes. Meet the blue bag, or more specifically, the 'Oliver' hobo, from Rebecca Minkoff (a favorite name of mine in the category, and I'm not alone, i.e. the Minkette), that says it all for me (which is kind of depressing since I have a tendency to be a 'talker'):



Here's the thing, fashion-forward pieces, an example being anything that falls onto the latest list of what fashion directors out there are calling a 'trend,' can be easily found out there. The buyers make sure that is the case each season.

It's the basics, the true-blue pieces that belong in your core closet, that are tough to get a hold of, but once you do, you must buy them, and sometimes in multiples. The core is where to invest, and on a sidenote, this is also where I spend the bulk of my time during styling consults.

You can't go for any black boot, basic crewneck tee, or trench coat, you have to try on and see what fits your body to a 't.' These pieces are the foundation of everything, and yes, I'm going on and on here, but I can't stress enough how significant having a core fashion lineup is. Not to mention, it makes life so ridiculously easy. Once you have your basics, what you know you look good in, you can throw in a trend-right accessory, a great statement necklace, or a pop-color pump and be completely pulled together.

All of that style-preaching aside (amen), I present to you a great classic knee-high boot that can be worn under pants/denim or stand alone under a dress, skirt, over leggings, etc. The list is endless, similar to the styling options, so have at it.



I am a pants girl. It's not because I'm trying to cover up my legs as a problem area, I happen to really like them. I know, take a minute, you just witnessed a woman speaking highly of some part of her body which is a rare thing in today's world.  I'm definitely not gloating on this one, I just know where my strengths and weaknesses are, we all have them, and can all play to the best parts, our assets if you will. It never hurts to focus on the positive.

Pant-rut aside, a skirt will find it's way into my wardrobe, usually of the pencil form, every now and then. This almost-mini skirt, with the quilting going on, caught my eye. I'm seeing it over a pair of black opaque tights with an ankle boot (more daytime) or classic pump for evening. You could get a ton of use out of this one skirt, and instead of just being basic black, the details make it, and life, more interesting.



A white, button-front blouse is an essential in any closet, and, unless you've been living under a large rock for the past fifty years, you will know this. I'm not telling you anything new or divulging any style secrets here. Should you, like myself, want something a bit less commercial without going too far into the 'trendy' deep end, something like the below Hayden blouse is a perfect option. The shoulder details give this polished classic a bit of edge without going too far. It's such a simple touch that shows a little can go a long way here.


I mean, hello, how could I not get these leggings into a round of top 10 picks on the Shopping List right? A. they're sequined, B. they're sequined. This is a pick that was added because it shows how fashion is meant to not be taken too seriously. You can wear these leggings with a basic tunic on top, or what have you, and still work it. They are meant for play, to lighten up a bit, to work it out a bit, and just to have fun in. I can see my guy friends looking at this and thinking they're absolutely ridiculous, but you don't buy a pair of leggings like this because you want to follow the rules and please others' ideas of what is right and wrong when it comes to your personal style, it wouldn't be very personal if that were the case.

Wear them for you. If you feel good in them, and can balance out all the shine with some neutrals, go for it. If you can wear them and not have them wear you, go for it. Just do it when the moon is up and not the sun, that's my only caveat.

Outside of that, play a little. Fashion isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Taxes, bills, grades, income, food on the table, health, etc. Those are things you can get serious with. Fashion is where you get to take a little break, whether it's through a pair of outrageous leggings, a bright red lip, shoes you can't stop staring at your feet in, or a necklace that makes you smile. Right now, it's break time, the serious stuff with be there when you get back. Trust.



I don't usually throw down a pair of 'Loubie's' unless I really love them (mainly because only the tiniest portion of the population would deem them 'affordable' and I think everyone should have access to amazing shoes), but these Vampanados, I love. I mean, I adore them. The silhouette, the ankle-strap, the bow details, the Audrey Hepburn of it all, is so spot on it's hard to say no. And by 'hard' I mean 'impossible.' This is where you can invest, and if you think I'm completely warped, I don't blame you. You don't need to throw down this much on these sandals, but you should find something that you love and spend just a bit more on them to get the perfect pair. I guarantee, you will wear them to death (tip: heel caps can be replaced for under $20 at any cobbler). For now, just take it all in and try not to drool too much.


sources: 1-Rebecca Minkoff Oliver Hobo (, 2-Vince Camuto Fur Collar Coat (, 3-Aldo Wiegel Boot (, 4-Collette By Collette Dinnigan Ramie Dress (, 5-Vanessa Bruno Ath Quilted-Jersey Skirt (, 6-Giles & Brother Encrusted Cortina Cuff (, 7-213 Industry Hayden Blouse (, 8-Sass & Bide One By One Sequined Leggings (, 9-Harlow Color-Blocked Envelope Clutch (, 10-Christian Louboutin Vampanodo 100 Sandals (

The shopping list never ends, literally. Each week, we scour the our favorite spots on the web to hand-pick our best of the best that find their way either onto the Top 10 list, or, The StyleShaker Closet. See the rest of the line-up that may not have made it into today's hit list below:

Today's zen moment is brought to you by none other than Glenda, you know, the good witch? I know, it's random, but what good is life without something random and spontaneous mixed in?

A year ago I was in a situation I didn't want to be in, and I did everything in  my power to find someone, something, or some other company to help me find my way out. I was living a life based on 'job security,' and moving in a direction that I was told I 'should,' be moving in. I was living someone else's life and expecting someone else to pull me out of it. I interviewed with a dozen companies, half offered me a job, the other half didn't. I rejected every offer.

I was shown a ridiculous amount of generosity from good people who were just trying to get me to make a move, and yet I turned down every request.

Every timed I turned something down, I did it because I knew it wasn't right for me. It took awhile to finally realize that it wasn't going to happen via someone else stepping in. This time, it had to be me acting and not reacting. I had to save myself, and I had it in me all along to do so. It's funny because I look back and see how everything I was searching for externally, could only be found internally.

Trying to push a round peg into a square hole can be exhausting, it's like trying to squeeze your size nine foot into a size eight at a sample sale. You may shove it in there, but the fit will never be right. It's only going to take more energy to walk in those new, pain-inducing, blister-manufacturing, toe-crunching shoes. It doesn't have to be so hard, just go for what fits you. Pick the size 9, and if it's not there, try another color you may never had thought would work, but secretly wished you could pull off.

Glenda was right, I had the power all along, and so do you.

Find what fits, try a few things on, and I promise I'll do the same.

See more when it comes to what to wear and how to wear it, here.

Split Screen | 2 Ways to Wear Iro's 'Kristen' Jacket

Today's styling Split Screen, is all about taking one, fabulous, lust-worthy Iro jacket (I mean, the collar, I'm all over the collar), and showing you two ways to wear it. Trust me, I could keep going but there's this thing called consulting that gets in the way sometimes.

That said, I'll keep it simple. One piece, two ways to wear it. The options are always there, use this as a little inspiration to guide you on how to wear what you have hanging in your closet:

Look one is all about a little polish. The jacket was practically begging for a pencil skirt. The grey/navy combination is effortlessly chic, in any situation, on any body. The collar on the Iro jacket is noteworthy, definitely, and adds some interest to the look, but that wasn't enough for me, so I threw in a pair of red, leopard print, kitten heel pumps. They speak volumes, but not at too high of a volume, which is exactly what I was going for.

1/IRO Kristen Jacket (, 2/Reiss Simia Textured Bodycon Skirt (, 3/Lodis Grey Python Print Leather Convertible Satchel (, 4/Loeffler Randall Tamsin Classic Pump (, 5/Giles & Brother Cortina Leather And Brass Cuff (

And now on to look 2, the more casual of the two.  Colored denim was in order, and for good reason. The grey, back to this washed, plum color on the Mih skinny jeans works well. You could go with a basic blue dark wash, but this is way more fun don't you think? That said, if this isn't 'you,' and you wouldn't feel good in the ensemble, go with what you know works. It's about you feeling confident walking out the door, not trying to fit into someone else's view of what's on-trend. Still, if you're searching for what works and defining your personal style, I encourage you to branch out, try on, and see. You have nothing to lose. Finish it up with some classic black accessories and you're good to go.

1/IRO Kristen Jacket (, 2/Mih Vienna Super Skinny Jeans (, 3/Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Satchel (, 4/Call It SPRING Palazzolo Boot (


See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and oh yea, where to shop (kind of a key piece of the fashion puzzle) right here.

1 Creatures from the Wind for J.Crew Sweater Tee, 4 Ways to Wear It : Look 3

Check Out Round 3 On Ways to Wear The (now, for us at least) Infamous J.Crew Sweater Tee

The third time's the charm, right? But just incase you need a refresher, here are the previous two looks that serve up different ways to wear the tee:

On to round 3:

Shop the look here:

[SlideDeck2 id=9941 iframe=1]

Love the boot, but not a fan of the grey skinny leg jean? Thinking of going with a bag with a little less structure? You've got options. Check out the line up in our StyleShaker closet. It's where all the magic happens. Hand-picked favorites flood the shelves each week. See what I'm talking about:

Shop more tops/sweaters:

Shop more jeans, skinny & other:

Shop more boots:

Shop more bag favorites:

Shop more cuffs and bracelets:


Don't forget to send us a note if you're struggling with you're very own, "how am I going to wear this," situation. Q&A is our favorite:

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.

Top 10 Shopping List #2: From Leopard Prints to Capelets

There are SO many options out there, and sure, I'm a fan of always having them. But seriously, sometimes it's sensory shopping overload, and that's coming from a woman who has spent the last decade living in the land of high-end e-commerce...Solution? The top 10 shopping list, served up for your viewing pleasure...


I'll just be straight up with you sans flowery fashion copy. I couldn't decide which format I liked so you're getting both. First, there's the slider. Flip through and click to shop...

[SlideDeck2 id=9663 iframe=1]

Now comes the timeline. This is all about the vertical scroll and taking in the eye candy piece by piece. Consider it your time to get up close and personal with the favorite fashion picks of the day. From the Tory Burch cuff to the Alice + Olivia cape, I'm swooning over this edited shopping list. What do you think? Scroll away!

Shop: 1- Tory Burch Gingham Cuff (, 2- Marc by Marc Jacobs Darkest Teal Leather & Haircalf Top Handle Bag (, 3- Elizabeth and James Studded Cable-knit Sweater (, 4- Michael Kors Leopard Knot Front Dress (, 5- Sigerson Morrison Hadley Flat (, 6- Topshop Navy Sleeveless Peplum Top (, 7- Coach Legacy Leather Rory Satchel (, 8- Andara Mosaic Statement Ring (, 9- Alice + Olivia Double-breasted Wool-blend Cape (, 10- MICHAEL Michael Kors York Ankle Boots (

In order to boil it down to the top 10 picks, we inevitably sift through an unending supply of styles out there that may not make the hit list. They do however stick around in The StyleShaker closet:

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop here.

Top 10 Shopping List | Boots to Bangles

Check out the Latest Top 10 Shopping List, Covering all things from Burgundy Suede Boots to Leather Wrapped Bangles

It's all about simplifying the shopping process via an uber-edited list of favorites pulled from the top shopping sites out there. I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect piece when it comes to filling out the personalized virtual shopping lists of my clients. Along the way I inevitably discover amazing merch that deserves it's rightful cameo, whether it's on my own personal shopping list, or The StyleShaker's.

Today's picks cover everything, from a Liebeskind canvas hobo that belongs in your everyday accessory artillery, to a mini-satchel from J. Crew that keeps things polished, yet totally approachable.  I love a good list, and in my world, simplified shopping is a must, so meet the perfect marriage of both concepts in the weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) Top 10 Shopping List...Scroll away and then shop with the links below:



Shop: 1. Liebeskind Amelie Hobo (, 2. Enzo Angiolini Yabbo Platform Boots (, 3. Equipment Liam Contrast Tee in Fawn (, 4. Mih Marrakesh Kick Flare Jeans (, 5. Reiss Belle Jumper (, 6. House of Harlow 1960 Navy Triangle Hoop Earrings (, 7. Splendid Slub-Jersey T-shirt (, 8. Giles & Brother Cortina Cuff (, 9. B Brian Atwood Fortosa Ankle Boot  (, 10. J.Crew Telegram Mini-Satchel (

These are just 10 hand-picked finds to wet the shopping appetite. There's something for everyone, but just incase nothing strikes your style fancy, take a minute to keep the shopping momentum going and find more favorites edited and selected weekly, from handbags to chunky monkey sweaters, all lining the walls of our Virtual StyleShaker Closet:

The Top 10 have been listed off for your viewing pleasure. Check every one of them off and then continue on to more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.