Closet Organization 101: Commandment #26

Closet Organization Commandment #26: The 1 Daily Step You Can Take to Keep Your Closet & Sanity In Check

It only took me thirty-two (eh 'hem) years for this concept to think in. Yes, I'm taking the scenic route to Closet Organization, but hey, I'm getting closer every day.

Speaking of every day, check out the latest Closet Commandment, a new line-up inspired by my Virtual Closet Consultation clients who pose these questions with each consult. I figure, they can't be the only ones, so here it is.

It's a no-brainer and nothing you haven't heard before. I know this. I am right there with you, but it took several rounds of repetition from my mother, and finally starting my own Virtual Closet Consultation & Styling business to get it and more importantly, act.

Everyday when I get back from a consult, meeting, whatever, and I know I'll be either camping out at home from then on or changing later, I force (still have to push a bit because I have this reaction where, as soon as the door opens, I instinctively want to vegetate) to walk straight and I mean b-line, into my closet. I take it all off, and no, this isn't THAT kind of post.

I stack my shoes back where they were, hang my jeans back up, put the silk blouse directly into the dry-cleaning pile, and hang up any accessories in their spots. Of course, you need to have an organized closet to do this (contact me here to get the ball rolling), but once your closet is a shoppable boutique, it's important to keep things up.

There's nothing worse than a busy week, getting dressed, running late, and not being able to find anything. Why stress? It's so unecessary. My mother was right. I'll say it again because I owe it to her, she was SO right.


Take care of things at that moment when you think about them, put it away, hang it up, because if you don't take the teeny step then, things add up and the mole hill turns into a mountain, and then, all of a sudden you find yourself being approached by the producers of Hoarders. And well, then it's just b-a-d, bad. You get the picture.


For some of you, the thought of putting clothes away is cringe-worthy, but I encourage you to not look at the short-term picture. Think long-term. This simple daily act is going to allow you to move quicker throughout your day.

What does that mean? You put in thirty seconds of your precious time (time that, mind you, some of us would happily spending watching episodes of Real Housewives; I'm not judging because, sadly, I admit to watching it. Omg, I know, I need to work on that) and you get back double, triple, etc. Good investment no?

The time you would have spent on a Saturday attempting to clean this overwhelming pile up is now spent having a glass of wine with your best friend. Oh, and did I mention the sanity thing? Right. It helps that too.


Ok, I'm going to take it one step further. Blame the espresso. Messy closet equals messy mind, messy mind equals stress, stress equals additional release of cortisol, cortisol equals muffin top, muffin top equals new pants, new pants equal increased spending, buyer's remorse equals stress, equals cortisol, and on and on. It's a sick cycle that I've created and gone officially off the deep end with.

Bottom line: Pick up your stuff and keep the weight off. Yes, I just made that connection and I'm going with it, however distant the two concepts may be. Could there BE more reasons to act now, clean now in a small yet significant way, as opposed to later?

Answer me this:

What is better than walking into a clean, organized, boutique of a closet to start your day with? I mean, fine, there are better things. But this moment is right up there.

Look for more Closet Commandments in the future. The list is endless. Enough on Closet Organization for now. Back to what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.