The Shopping List | 10 Reasons (@ $100 & Under) Why You Need a New Pair of Earrings

Throwing on a pair of earrings before you head out the door can be a genius move. I have my jewelry organized and visible in my closet (I set it up like a boutique in there) but also keep a little bowl right on the kitchen counter with a few pieces in it as well. This is my mad-dash-out-the-door grab-it-and-go bowl. I know, lengthy title, but it's one of the best routines I've started.

Earrings have been used to adorn our lovely lobes since the dawn of time, well not that far back, but for a very, very long time. Men and women all over the world have embellished with earrings for centuries and for good reason. First of all, ear lobes are just asking for it, am I right? Secondly, wearing the right pair can frame your face, light it up a bit, and I have yet to meet someone who wouldn't welcome a little bit of that into their everyday look.

Earring obsession aside, take a look at the top 10 ear-candy shopping list. The hit list is a beautiful thing with every pick hitting at or under $100 so have at it. Click through to get all the details. Or just scroll, browse, find something similar in your closet that you can pull out when you get home, and start your own grab-it-and-go jewelry bowl. You can thank me later:

shop the Kendra Scott Tamara Earring


shop the Kate Spade New York Statement Chandelier Cluster Earrings


shop the Gorjana Fatima Drop Earrings


shop the Vince Camuto Kite Earrings


shop the Gorjana Honeycomb Earrings


shop the Oscar de la Renta Hammered Gold Plated Clip Earrings


shop the Kristen Elspeth Bar Stud Earrings


shop the Giles & Brother Ceres Pyramid Hoop Earrings


shop the Tory Burch Tina Drop Earrings


shop the Loren Hope Petra Earrings in Teal Mint

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I love to include a Zen Moment in these shopping list posts. Fashion, although an extension of who you are on the inside, mainly covers the outside part of the equation. Balance is tricky, I don't think we ever get there and I think that's a good thing. That little bit of instability keeps us always learning and evolving. Still I'll always attempt a little balance via quotes, images, and whatever else I can find that resonates to cover what's on the inside.

My intention in sharing these finds with you is simple: I hope wherever you're reading this, that you are inspired. To do what? Who knows. That part is up to you entirely.

Let's give it  a try:

zen quote1

This is a big one for all of the self-employed, small business owners out there. I chose it because it's beyond relevant in my own life (it IS my life right now) and hit me like a ton of bricks. But the concept is a universal one.

When you come up with an 'impossible' idea (and we all do, we're all capable of this) it's easy to classify it as just that and stick it back into the never-going-to-happen box, or worse, the I'll-look-at-it-again-tomorrow (translation=never) box. This is when genuine support comes in handy. It takes a village.

You don't get an encourgaing, "you're on the right track, keep going!" from these ideas. There's no certainty, no clearly defined next step to take. That is up to you. This is the beautiful and ridiculous part of it all. And this is why it's so important to have your 'board.'

You get to pick and choose who is on your board of directors, so my advice that you didn't ask for is, choose wisely. Go with people who know more than you, who want to see you do well (genuinely), and who will give you honest feedback. It doesn't hurt to have a few on there that will come back to you with an, "everything is going to be ok," now and then either. It comes in handy.

With that kind of support, unimaginable things are realized. It's never as complicated as you think it is. But if you never try, you'll never know (another favorite line; thank you Coldplay).

The same holds true for fashion. We've all looked at a dress, top, [insert your drool-worthy item spotted in a store window, glossy mag, or e-catalog here], and thought, "there's no way I could pull that off." Well, I ask you, how do you know unless you try? It starts with believing and often times, it helps to have a good 'board' in your corner to keep that belief alive when doubt sinks in, because it will.

But doubt is the best. It's going to show you what you're really capable of. Things don't happen to you, they happen for you. I forget that ALL the time.

So, go ahead, try the dress on. Ask around about your 'not-so-impossible' idea. Give yourself a little credit here, you're stronger than you think (this is what my yoga teacher always tells me when I feel like I'm about to die in warrior 2; she's always right, I'll admit it).

Oh and one more thing, ladies, when you DO try the dress on and stand in front of the mirror, find something you like about yourself. Re-read that last sentence. Let it sink in. I know you'll find a lot of what you don't like, I get it, trust me. It's what we do, but it doesn't have to remain a pattern.

My challenge to you is to look at what you have, not what you don't. Focus on that and bring that feeling outside of the dressing room and into your life.

Again, you can thank me later.

 Back to retail therapy...Keep the shopping momentum going strong and continue on to the StyleShaker Closet where our team edits down our top picks and lines them up along the virtual shelves every week. This is where you can really dig into whatever you happen to be looking for. It's the perfect shopping starting point:


While you're at it, keep the momentum going and get some more inspiration in:

last slide

Today's Shopping List, 4 Reasons Why You Want Pierced Ears, & 1 Clip-On

It's time to adorn yourself, and what better to bejewel yourself with than the perfect earring. From chandeliers to angled gold studs, the full spectrum of embellishment is covered. See the five picks that made today's shopping list and bring on the baubles!

main post montage template 4_top


These YSL earrings remind me of seaglass, but taken to an entirely different, far more luxurious level. The color is ridiculously hypnotic, as in, I could stare at them for hours and it would never get old. Hm, these could be a good excuse to pick up my mindfulness meditation, anything to justify a new jewelry acquisition. It's for mental clarity, a good cause!

1 Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Green Glamour Earrings


Duchess of Fabulous, indeed. These are stunning little works of art made to frame your face, I mean, c'mon. They're gorgeous.

2 Erickson Beamon Crystal Duchess of Fabulous Chandelier Earrings


I love amethyst. I know my sign is a Cancer and rubies are all fine and good, but seriously, I think I should have been an Aquarius. Sure, I have tell-tale 'Crab' like characteristics, it's just the birthstone that doesn't line up. So goes life. It may not be my birth right, but that doesn't mean amethyst doesn't make up the majority of what's lying in my jewelry drawer as I write this. The heart wants what the heart wants.

3 Bounkit Amethyst Clip Earrings


4 Miriam Salat Earrings


Having a great stud earring to throw on and take you from day to evening is a must. I've worn out my vintage door-knockers, and while on the hunt for some replenishments, happened to run across these 'Quivira' earrings from Seawolf, a new-to-me name that I'm going ga-ga for. See why:

5 Seawolf Gold Quivira Earrings

source: 1. Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Green Glamour Earrings (, 2. Erickson Beamon Duchess of Fabulous Chandelier Earrings (, 3. Bounkit Amethyst Clip Earrings (, 4. Miriam Salat Earrings (, 5. Seawolf Gold Quivira Earrings ( 

Five is all fine and good, but there's always more to shop where that came from. Speaking of more, see the rest of the favorites that didn't find their way onto this hit list, but instead into the virtual StyleShaker Closet here:

shop the styleshaker closet

Zen moment, it's about that time...

quote copy

All right, so always do what you're afraid to do may be going overboard a bit, but the underlying premise is a solid one. The best time to apply this quote is when your fear gets in the way of you living your everyday life.

That's when you know something needs to be examined. The thing we're usually afraid of started somewhere and manifested itself into a little bit of an irrational behavior (trying to be a little diplomatic here, because we all know plenty of our fears are based on nada or pure assumption).

What are you afraid of? What have you been putting off for some time now (isn't it just becoming more of a mountain when before it was just a mole hill)? Start small, every day. Do one thing that scares you a bit, I'm not talking the thing that gives you pangs of terror and demobilizes you at  your very core. You need to crawl before you can walk.

Just pick one thing, it could be as simple as saying hello to the barista you see every day and yet still don't know his name, or signing up for the paddle boarding class, and the list goes on. Don't forget to recognize your accomplishment, as silly as it may seem to you. When you encourage yourself, you fuel yourself to keep going...

What is your one thing today? Hmmm, what's mine?

See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.