The StyleShaker's Top 6 Looks from the Emmys 2012 Red Carpet

What makes an Emmys 2012 red carpet look a win vs a complete sad-face fashion moment? I don't think anyone really knows, but we all have plenty to say about it. It's practically a spectator sport in the fashion industry.

Sure, there can be the glaring moments when you look at a celeb and immediately think, "what in the hell was her stylist thinking," but when it comes to the true couture gowns, especially those that step it up a bit and branch out of mainstream, it's all subjective.

Every year, I'm on the phone with one of my best friends watching the red carpet, it's practically a tradition. One celebrity will walk and I'll go, "ohhhhh gorge, love," while she simultaneously lets out an, "oh ew, no, no, no."

Literally, this goes on for about an hour. There's no in-between talk, no major discussions, it just sounds like two women ohhh-ing, ahhh-ing, and ewwww-ing for no apparent reason. To us it's the norm, should an outsider listen in, it would sound like a gag reel.

So, maybe these dresses aren't your, "ohhhh gorge's" of the bunch, that's fine. That's what the red carpet is about. The celeb stylists serve it up, and then get unabashedly scrutinized for days afterwards. How is this fun again?

Oh right, it's about watching beautiful people get dressed up in works of art. There's a remarkable amount of work that goes into every, little, detail, from the color of polish on the toes to the stones in the ring to the way the hair moves. It has all been mapped out with an end goal of getting recognized.

So I'll get down to that. Here are our Top 6 picks when it came to last night's red carpet. But don't let that sway you, what were your faves?

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