What I'm Wearing | Catching Up With Old Friends, Giving a Little Legging Action

I moved to Dallas almost ten years ago with two bean bags (not even joking) a teeny, tiny television, a bookstand, and a bed. I planned on being here for no more than a year. Best laid plans...

When I first arrived on the scene I was a fish out of water and on really REALLY hot, dry land. Then I met my first group of friends just north of the city where I was living. I was raised by east coat parents so I knew I'd never necessarily 'belong' below the Mason Dixon line, but this crew took me under their wing.  These people would have given me the shirts off their backs if they could have, actually some literally did just that. They were the ones that helped to make this strange land filled with Sunday-fundays at the pool, the football-obsessed, and every excuse to gather a group of friends around a  few (translation=way more than a few) margaritas, my not-so-temporary home.

Recently, one friend from the original 'crew' texted me, and I proceeded to do the one thing I absolutely can't stand. I completely flaked out on my response. I had good reason for said flakiness having just quit my job (a.k.a. the one others referred to as a 'promising career in retail') after ten years and diving head first into the world of the self-employed. Right, so the initial text came to me in August. My response, oh you know, was sent in December, four months after the fact. Pretty bad, even with the major life changes...

After a little groveling (which mind you, was totally unnecessary since the friends I've come to know and love here are ridiculously kind and forgiving, one more perk of being based in the area) I get to finally catch up and see what my old friend has been up to tonight.

You know what this means right? I need a 'Catching Up with Old Friends,' look of course. I'm using one pick from my closet (the Free People seamed navy leggings that I now own in four colors because they're just that good) and building a look around it with other pieces that resemble the rest of what's living in my closet (and if not, I can always call up my friends at my favorite Dallas boutiques to get what I need in a snap). This is exactly what I do for my What to Wear Weekly Lookbook clients, it started with me and I like to share. After all, why offer the service if I don't even use it myself? Seriously.

Now, instead of thinking about what I'm going to wear, I get to focus on catching up and enjoying the night. Here's the look:


source: 1. J. Crew Collection Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee (www.jcrew.com), 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale Printed Wool Scarf (www.net-a-porter.com), 3. ALDO Romelia Suede Court Shoe (www.asos.com), 4. Vanessa Bruno Mini Sac (www.elizabeth-charles.com), 5. Vince Camuto Chevron Cuff  (www.macys.com)

Time for a little shopping close-up (click the pics to get your 'shop' on):


1 J. Crew Collection Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee


2 Marc By Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale Printed Wool Scarf


3 ALDO Romelia Suede Court Shoe


4 Vanessa Bruno Mini Sac


5 Vince Camuto Chevron Cuff

At the beginning of the week I line up a few key looks that I want to use as inspiration for the upcoming agenda of events. Whether it's a major event or just an everyday moment, the goal is to know what I'll be wearing so I can simplify life a bit and focus my energy on enjoying things. Here's the line-up I pulled this week. I ended up going with look number seven because of how easy, simple, clean and chic it is. Plus, with a few accessories, it seamlessly transitions into a look that can be worn for a casual evening out. Sometimes less is more (cue the collective gasp from the fashion community and accessory buyers all over the world; sorry but it's true)...

weekly look line up2

source: look 5 (www.elle.com), look 6 (www.style.com), look 7 (www.lamodellamafia.com), look 8 (www.myheartbeatsforvogue.tumblr.com)

So, there you have it, what I'm wearing to catch up, simple and easy. Cheers to old friends and letting the vino flow...


It's about what to wear, sure. We all know and love that part. The part filled with fashion director's 'must-haves' for the season. But let's not forget about the whole, 'how to wear it,' piece of the fashion equation. What good is the ankle boot you have had sitting in the back of your closet with the rest of the 'untouchables' (you know where I'm going with this; every one of my clients calls me because they're wearing less than an eighth of what's in their closets and they need to figure out how to wear the rest or just some moral support when it comes to purging and donating; just see what they had to say) if you don't know how to wear it? And finally, what good is the outfit if you have no where to take it out for a spin?

Those three pieces are massively significant in life. Fashion, whether you like it or not, is an important part of your day and it doesn't have to be so hard. No more: 'what am I going to wear today?' Now you can spend your energy on figuring out the grand adventures you'll have in the looks you've got lined up for the week. Have fun with it, and get on the list now while you still can at that price. Why take my fashion advice in the first place? Good question.

On to more inspiration when it comes to the Style Trifecta...what to wear, how to wear it, and what you're going to do in it. It's all here.

Cashmere, Put It On Your Fall Shopping List if it Isn't Already, Which Seems Stylishly Unlikely. Shop the Top 10 Cashmere Sweaters.

Bring On the Cashmere Sweaters: One More Spot on the Fall Essentials Shopping List Where You Should Invest

When you see sweaters being featured in the fashion industry, the descriptor 'cozy' usually finds it's way into a cutline. I don't buy it, UNLESS they're talk about a cashmere sweater. Do you really think snuggling up to a 100% wool acrylic pullover is a pleasant feeling, you know, super cozy? Unless you have nerve-ending issues with your skin and feel nothing, you're aware of the itch factor involved when it comes to acrylic wool.

It's not worth it. Take the money you'd put into a wool sweater, save yourself the overall sensation that you're wearing a suit of stinging nettles, and invest in something that lives up to the word 'cozy,' a.k.a. cashmere. It can be a blend, just make sure it's more 70:30 and less 20:80 (cashmere:other fabric).

To get the cashmere sweater shopping momentum going, take a look at the Top 10 picks in the category that go from basic to print. A basic cashmere sweater is a must, the prints just add to the mix.
[SlideDeck2 id=8977 iframe=1]
Recap: What to wear? Done. This time the focus is on cashmere sweaters for Fall. Where to shop for these sweet sweaters? Done. I love a good shopping slideshow. Now on to the next fundamental piece of the fashion equation. How to wear some cozy cashmere sweaters? See below...

look 1 (www.thesartorialist.com), look 2 (www.glamside.com.br), look 3 (www.lilacchiffon.tumblr.com), look 4 (www.iloverunways.tumblr.com), look 5 (www.refinedstyle.tumblr.com),  look 6 (www.jcrew.com), look 7, ‘Cashmere Club’ by Stefan Heinrichs for Vogue Germany, September 2011 (www.luxe-pauvre.tumblr.com), look 8. Nina Ricci Pre Fall 2012 (www.style.com)

Ten picks may just be a warm up for you. No worries, we understand. Shop more sweaters lining the shelves of The StyleShaker Closet right here:

That should cover the cashmere end of your Fall wardrobe spectrum. Now it's on to the next picks out there when it comes to what to wear. See it all from where to shop and how to wear right here.