How to Wear | Coral & Cobalt in 7 Steps

You've got your coral, you've got your cobalt, so now what? Now I show you how to wear the color combination in 7 quick steps...

Supposedly, the color blue is the color of trust and responsibility. It's also the most universally liked of all the colors in the spectrum so there's a good change you're going to be a fan. Coral, brings a sense of calm and warmth.  I happen to agree with that one. So, am I a color psychologist (and yes, they exist)? Nope. But I do know how to coordinate a couple of bold colors and show you how to wear them without having them wear you.

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Those pants are to die for, seriously. This is the kind of look you bring out during the first day of Spring, at a luncheon, whenever you want to add some life to whatever you're doing. Black is easy. We all know black. Time to shake it up a bit don't you think?

body type img

Which body type does this look work for? This is the perfect look for an hourglass silhouette. That said, it would work well on rectangle as well, and depending on where the top hits, an apple may be able to work this one out. Usually, if the top hits below the waist on the pant, but stays above the bum, you're in good shape. Again, for the apples out there, if the top falls too high you'll end up with an emphasis on a shorter waist. If it hits too low, you'll stunt the vertical line and do the opposite of elongating, and WHO wants to do that right? I know, me either.

The clutch gives the cobalt from the top a little kick, courtesy of Kate Spade. And the B Brian Atwood sandal keeps it neutral, grounded, and polished. You have enough color going on with the main pieces of the look, the rest, the sunglasses and jewelry, should just complement, not steal any thunder.

Speaking of elongating, the cut on those trousers is ridiculously flattering with the thicker waistline, front seam detail, and very slight flare at the hem to keep proportions balanced. Ah, mazing. Something to keep in mind when you're out and about shopping.

Love the top but you're thinking you want to go with something a little less printed? Drooling over the trouser but you're just not into coral no matter how hard you try? No problem. Keep shopping all the categories in the StyleShaker Closet. The Happy Place that gets updates every week. It's the perfect place to start shopping when you have no clue where to go first. Join the club! Click the pick to get started:


In the mean time, I always like to leave a little inspiration on the table. Check out today's top 5 links, with images of course, that I fell in love with and had to share.

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living my life like it's golden. (source:



nail did. neon done. (source:



Just Cavalli Spring 2013. (source:



spike. (source:



walk towards the light. (source:


Inspiration, check. How to wear cobalt blue and coral? Check. Now it's time to keep the momentum going. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop right here.

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How to Wear Purple Flare Corduroy Pants, No Seriously. The Look Works, Promise

Cut the Cord (the basic beige version) & Dive into the Deep (purple) End. Check Out How to Wear Pop-Color Flare Corduroy Pants...

Usually pulling together a How to Wear post starts with an image from the runway or pure street style randomness that we collect on our Tumblr inspiration wall. This time around however, I died and went to heaven over the Rachel Zoe flare corduroy pants.

The impulse to figure out how to wear these corduroy pants dyed in a royal purple that has me swooning still (no clue how I'm keeping it together to even write this) was immediate.


Here's a little shop-by-number moment for you. Sure, based on the inspiration street-style image the shoes are not of any visual importance, but I figure, find a good tailor, hem the leg, and show off the bootie.

See how to wear the purple-soaked pant pick below:

Tibi Cable-knit Sweater ( Rachel Zoe Rachel Corduroy Flare Pants ( Foley + Corinna Simpatico Shoulder Bag ( ENZO ANGIOLINI Suede Ankle Boots ( Gorjana Graham Leather Bar Triple Wrap (

 Time for the shopping close-up...

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2. Rachel Zoe Rachel Corduroy Flare Pants


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3. Foley + Corinna Simpatico Shoulder Bag

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4. ENZO ANGIOLINI Suede Ankle Boots


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5. Gorjana Graham Leather Bar Triple Wrap

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Have a fashion question of your own? Trying to figure out how to wear the pair of fringe booties you fell in love with? Can't figure out how to mix the new printed silk blouse into a weekend look?

Cocktails coming up Friday and you're lost on what to pull together? Send over a link or image of the piece that's puzzling you with your question and we'll shoot over a few styling options on how to wear it.

Simple and you've got nothing to lose. Ask away...



See more inspiring looks, what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop, all right here.