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Just bead it. Yep, I said it, I went there. Spring trends are the topic, and you can't talk about them without mentioning one of the best trends in the bunch, beading. It's about embellishment. Layer after layer of bold beads can be found on everything from blouses to dresses, handbags to heels, you name it, it's been done. And if not, pull out the Bedazzler and go all DIY on whatever you've got. Or don't...

Instead of having to dig through countless product shots and runway looks to see how you can bring this trend into your reality/wardrobe without going overboard, I've gone ahead and created a condensed recap. Check out my favorite six looks that pulled off beads galore on the Spring runways, and then, flip through a few pages of handpicked products to shop.

The list is where it all begins. Here are the top 12 Spring trends (click on whatever trend you want to try out, or go straight to bead land and keep scrolling below):

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Inspiration is key, and where better to soak some up than the Spring 2013 runways. Case in point, see six runway looks from various designers that illustrate how to pull off the trend:

runway matrix

Spring 2013 Collections: 1. Peter Pilotto 2. Prada 3. Elie Saab 4. Rodarte 5. Bottega Veneta 6. Rodarte

(all courtesy of

When it comes to beading, it's all in the details. Something so teeny, tiny, and shiny can cover serious ground when it comes to all fashion categories. Below are just a few edited shopping picks you can peruse for a little Spring prep before the temps heat up. It's always good to be prepared:



These lists only last as long as the stock does, SO, a sense of urgency is encouraged. That said, if you see something you love (translation: can't live without and must have immediately) but it's not in your size or sold out, let me know and I will hunt to find it (or similar options). Try me, or not, it's totally up to you. I do this for my clients on a daily basis so I want to extend the same offer to my readers, just cause I happen to appreciate you all. And B, it's such a pain when  you fall in love with a pick and then can't find it, or don't have the time to dig. I have my secret spots and ways to find these picks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (rare), but if you never ask, you'll never know.

You can always shop the rest of the trends (see the graphic at the top of the post and click at will), but in the mean time, should you want to keep the browsing going strong and yet are looking beyond the trends, head over to where it all happens, the StyleShaker Closet where the rest of the favorites are handpicked weekly and sent into their respective categories for your shopping pleasure. Click away and get to shopping:

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