Today's Pick, Jason Wu's Striped Sweater & How to Wear It

I love it when the two worlds of What to Wear & How to Wear It come together, especially in one little fashion post. Today's inspiration comes courtesy of Jason Wu and one super-impressive striped sweater. See what I'm talking about below. Here's what to wear:

Jason Wu Striped Crochet-Knit Cotton-Blend Sweater

And now it's on to how to wear it:

the look montage

source:  Jason Wu Striped Crochet-Knit Cotton-Blend Sweater (, Mother Denim High Waist Skinny Jean (, See By Chloe Cuffed High Heel Sandals (, Deux Lux Empire Strikes Back Convertible Backpack (, Judy Geib Gold Large Squash Hoop Earrings (, Hervé Van Der Straeten 24-Karat Gold-Plated Cuff (

Like I mentioned earlier, it isn't just about what to wear, it's all about how to wear it. Do you wear about an eighth of what's actually hanging in your closet, a. because you don't know what you have back there, b. because you don't know how to wear what you do have, or c. because you don't have the time or brain power at six in the morning to figure it out (I guess I should put a d. all of the above)? You're not alone.

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There's always more shopping where that comes from, the Wu sweater is just the appetizer. See what other shopping courses are lining the walls of our happy place, the StyleShaker Closet:





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