The StyleShaker Week In Review | The Condensed Version

Where did the week go right? Hopefully it was a good one for you. For me, it was spent in the post-glow of my recent trip home to Nashville to see the fam.

In case you missed anything on the StyleShaker, now's the time to get the condensed version in the Friday recap. It always ends with a quote that hits home, and this time around, it's all about being ok with maybe, just maybe, not having a grand master plan. Trust me, on a personal level, I happen to love and confide in planning things out when it comes to my life, my business, and what I'm going to wear for the week. That said, sometimes you just don't know, and sometimes, it's ok to hang out in that space for a bit instead of forcing an answer. The 'push' that so many of us never let go of may actually not be getting us anywhere we actually want to be.

Do I advocate sitting on a couch all day and complacency? Hell to the no. But there are times in life, during the week, and maybe during this week, where just 'being' are enough. There doesn't always have to be a reason or plan, so with that, scroll through, read up, let go, and get inspired. Cheers.

Here's what went down this week:

1. Monday came and went with my review of Zara's red jacquard jacket...

2. Tuesday is a day for Love, Pamela Love and her amazing jewelry designs. I say designs, they're art. Let's be honest.

3. Remember that jacket I just gushed about on Monday? Right, well, the logical next step is coming up with ways to wear it:

4. Thursday. You've got to love a Thursday. The anticipation, oh, and my review of the latest shopping pick, J.Crew's 'Perfect' shirt in paisley...

5. It's time for an end of the week Zen Moment. Plan free, care free?

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