Spring Trends | Stripes: Where to Shop It & How to Wear It

I'm seeing stripes, not stars, not zig-zags, and certainly not polka-dots. Stripes people, stripes. Spring is upon us (cue the collective cheer of those living on the East Coast & Midwest even though you have a little time left living in the Wintry Not-So-Wonderland, but it never hurts to prep) and the trends are swirling around the industry whipping it up yet again into a fashion frenzy.

We get told every season what we 'must have' in order to stay on-point, or on-trend as it were. I worked in fashion for over a decade, and I can tell you, even when I was in the buying offices at Neiman Marcus, down the hall and two floors up from the Fashion Director's office, I still got confused at everything that came my way. It was like opening wide and taking in the Trend 101 by firehose (not a good look, but you get the picture).

I've scoured every last blurb about Spring trends this year, from the mags to the shopping sites, and in-between. It has all been taken in and boiled down from well over 50 call-outs to my Top 12. Yes, I got it down to twelve (it wasn't easy, but it was fun). Within each of the twelve trends, you'll see other trends represented, i.e. neon, it's huge, but it worked so well with everything else that I didn't need to separate it out.

Bottom line, it's the Spring Trends, Cliffs Notes style. And today, it's all about Stripes so dig right in...

First things first, the Spring trend shopping list (incase you're curious, feel free to click each trend to see more & shop to your heart's content):

shop beading shop big sunnies shop sporty dresses shop florals shop stacked heels shop stripes shop black and white shop white shop tuxedos shop jewelry shop accessories shop skirts shop kicks shop cut-outs shop coats

The StyleShaker


Trends come out fast and furiously on runways. From there it's up to buyers and editors to pair things down a bit and build something cohesive, yet shoppable. So, we'll begin at the beginning. Check out six (there are so many more that I'm going to be sending updated posts showing more favorites as examples on how to pull off trends, coming soon) that caught Β my eye and illustrated some new ways to wear stripes for Spring:

runway matrix

Spring 2013 Collections: 1. Chloe 2. Dolce & Gabbana 3. Elie Saab 4. Duro Olowu 5. Dolce & Gabbana 6. 10 Crosby Derek Lam (all courtesy of www.style.com)

Like I mentioned, these trends need to be shoppable, SO, here's your edited shopping list filled with handpicked pieces that cover all things stripes. This is just the condensed version, get the whole 9 here (updated weekly b/c these puppies just keep selling out!):


If you're loving trends but in major need to building up your Core Closet like my clients, check out the Happy Place known as The StyleShaker Closet by clicking whatever fashion category moves you:

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The StyleShaker

Trends come and go, but the inspiration is endless. Keep the momentum going strong and see more on what to wear, how to wear it, product reviews, and where to shop.