Split Screen | 2 Ways to Wear Iro's 'Kristen' Jacket

Today's styling Split Screen, is all about taking one, fabulous, lust-worthy Iro jacket (I mean, the collar, I'm all over the collar), and showing you two ways to wear it. Trust me, I could keep going but there's this thing called consulting that gets in the way sometimes.

That said, I'll keep it simple. One piece, two ways to wear it. The options are always there, use this as a little inspiration to guide you on how to wear what you have hanging in your closet:

Look one is all about a little polish. The jacket was practically begging for a pencil skirt. The grey/navy combination is effortlessly chic, in any situation, on any body. The collar on the Iro jacket is noteworthy, definitely, and adds some interest to the look, but that wasn't enough for me, so I threw in a pair of red, leopard print, kitten heel pumps. They speak volumes, but not at too high of a volume, which is exactly what I was going for.

1/IRO Kristen Jacket (www.shoplesnouvelles.com), 2/Reiss Simia Textured Bodycon Skirt (www.reiss.com), 3/Lodis Grey Python Print Leather Convertible Satchel (www.shirise.com), 4/Loeffler Randall Tamsin Classic Pump (www.loefflerrandall.com), 5/Giles & Brother Cortina Leather And Brass Cuff (www.net-a-porter.com

And now on to look 2, the more casual of the two.  Colored denim was in order, and for good reason. The grey, back to this washed, plum color on the Mih skinny jeans works well. You could go with a basic blue dark wash, but this is way more fun don't you think? That said, if this isn't 'you,' and you wouldn't feel good in the ensemble, go with what you know works. It's about you feeling confident walking out the door, not trying to fit into someone else's view of what's on-trend. Still, if you're searching for what works and defining your personal style, I encourage you to branch out, try on, and see. You have nothing to lose. Finish it up with some classic black accessories and you're good to go.

1/IRO Kristen Jacket (www.shoplesnouvelles.com), 2/Mih Vienna Super Skinny Jeans (www.shopbop.com), 3/Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Satchel (www.marcjacobs.com), 4/Call It SPRING Palazzolo Boot (www.zappos.com)


See more when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it, and oh yea, where to shop (kind of a key piece of the fashion puzzle) right here.