Shopping List | 10 More Favorites That Just Hit the Top Shopping Sites

I'm back on the hunt for some clients, which for you means, it's Shopping List time! What can I say, I'm big into sharing my finds along the way. The personal on-line shopping never ends, and I couldn't be happier  at the thought of possibly never seeing the light at the end of the uber-embellished, style-savvy tunnel. And so it begins...

FYI: This lists come from me and what I love or think will work perfectly for my clients. No one is paying me to pick these brands, (that is a pinky-swear moment). I don't select a single item I wouldn't buy myself, it's a rule, which is saying something being a person who's not really into rules (really, no white after Labor Day? Are we over that one yet?).

See the top ten product picks that made the list from dresses to flats and then some:

insta inspo.