Today's Shopping List: It Starts with a Parka from Elizabeth & James, and Ends with a Quote on Sailing

Today's Shopping List goes all over the place as far as fashion categories are concerned. From a Michael Kors mary-jane pump, to a Marc by Marc Jacobs electric blue hobo, it's all here and narrowed down to five favorites, served up for you Monday, fashion-viewing pleasure.


Let the shopping begin with an olive-green, military-esque parka from Elizabeth & James that I can't get enough of...


Love this, love a pump-turned-mary-jane that will actually stay on your foot for the entire day and not slide off unexpectedly mid-power walk (ah yes, the power walk, good for making an entrance and the main reason I have a standing delivery at my local cobbler to replace heel caps).


This little hobo from Marc by Marc Jacobs will do all the talking for you. Pair it back with some basics, black or neutral, to allow the bag to not get lost in the mix. Less is more...


This is a dress to get out of the cold in. Love the color, love the hi/lo-ness of it all, and how could you walk away from a good ruffle moment right?


The leather envelope bag is a welcome nod to a more vintage silhouette, and yet, the addition of a little fur embellishment on the strap brings it up to modern speed quickly. I love the bag, but more so, I love the idea of taking a classic and making it new/different with one little addition. It's definitely a possibly fashion DIY scenario, or you could just go the easier route and get your hands Lim's 'Lynus.'

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There's always more coming in, every day, every minute...The shopping is never-ending, and thank god for that. But the new arrivals can inundate and overwhelm, so, I simplify and start with just a few picks to get the ball rolling. See and shop the other hand-picked fashion favorites that can always be found in the StyleShaker virtual closet updated every week:

Time for a quote of course, it is detox-Monday after all, post-turkey feast, or as the retailers call it, Cyber Monday (which to this day, does nothing for me, but I'm warped having spent the last ten years in e-commerce and fashion; very few major promotions catch my eye, especially when they're made up out of thin air).

When you're moving in the 'right' direction in your life, people say it just feels that way, you feel a 'flow,' and in your gut, if you're in tune with your instincts, you know that putting your left foot in front of your right, facing in that particular direction, is exactly where you need to be.

I can't say that my own personal experience with finding said 'flow' feels the same. I know I have taken steps, risky steps, that were right for me, and yes, 50% of me knows that where I'm at this very moment is where I need to be, but I can safely say that the remaining 50% of me has no clue what I'm doing. I've recently concluded that, personally, this is a healthy response, a sign that I've let go (translation: released my ninja-vice grip, juuuust a little) of trying to determine a black & white answer for those bigger, far more 'grey' questions I'm still learning how to ask.

The seas are choppy now, but it's those white-caps that keep me from lulling off into a haze, they keep me present, and blatantly aware of the fact that I have no control over which way the tides will flow. It's annoying and yet, ridiculously liberating.

You don't go through being a child of the eighties and look back at pictures without cringing, it's inevitable. But without those moments, forever captured on polaroid film, I would have never learned that spandex is a completely unacceptable option in any ensemble (amongst other, far more cerebral things, riiiight). We don't learn unless we hit the rough waters and navigate through, not around, them (style examples being: crimping, hammer pants, those little t-shirt thing-ys that gathered your shirts on one corner at the waist, slap bracelets, puffy paint tees, the side-pony with scrunchie, and the list goes on...).

So, come on in, the water is fine, a bit choppy, but in the end, there may be more in it for you than riding along smooth seas.

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