Shopping List | Everday Bags Under $500

Today's Shopping List came together courtesy of a recent question regarding finding the perfect 'everyday' handbag. 'Everyday' is self-explanatory, I get it, but to me it can also be defined at the go-to bag you can use all week long without having to attempt the tedious bag transfer that inevitably ends in forgetting to move the one thing you always want to have on you, whether it's your favorite lip gloss or your parking pass. Not so fun.

Accessory frustration aside, the everyday bag options have been narrowed down to the best of the best, and all hit under (sometimes well under) five hundo (technical term). Check out the Top 10 bags (black , brown, and other) that fit perfectly into the 'everyday' category seamlessly.

But before we dig into the list, a quick reminder:

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All right, Q&A aside, it's time to get to today's top 10 shopping list:

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