Cross it Off the Spring Shopping List | 7 Flat Sandals to Shop

Fine, ok, I'll admit it. It's time to come clean. I've been telling more than I've been showing...Ughhhh.

Have you ever run into a matchmaker that can never find the time to date? Or the holistic nutritionist that has an empty fridge and a freezer stocked with one Lean Cuisine ? Right, well I'm the personal shopper that never shops for herself. Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm always speaking with my clients about the importance of building the strong foundation of a Core Closet filled with edited 'essentials' and a couple of key, on-trend pieces for a quick updateDo I take my own advice? Well, the stylish 'bones' of the wardrobe are here and there, but I need some help. My Core Closet for Spring is only a third of the way there. I have my investment pieces, but there are essentials for Spring that I have still yet to pick up. I mean, we're almost in April. Shame on me.

The good news? I know exactly what to do  to solve the style problem. It's time to show rather than tell you what I do. This is also where the StyleShaker began so I've come full circle. See the story here. The other good news? I've got a trip to Tortola lighting a fire under my, well you know what, coming up at the end of April. Motivation, the best kind.

Here's the working Shopping List, i.e. everything I need for Spring (with a few additions for the trip; the list is a living, breathing thing so flexibility is always an option, after all, it's written in Photoshop, not stone).

Next, I'll go line by line, shop for the best picks that fit my preferences, and start pulling the entire picture together, piece by piece. Each pick I shop I'll document here so you can shop along and get inspired. Speaking of inspiration, with every post I'll include ways to wear the new pick (there's no point in having it if you don't know how to wear it, otherwise known at the mission statement behind my Virtual Lookbooks) and a little feel-good inspiration to top it off. For now, the list. First up, I'm in desperate need of some flat sandals that aren't flip-flops for Tortola to wear with my maxi and beach dresses...

my list_shoe focus


Click to shop:

1 Matt bernson Love Spike Flat Sandals

2 Marc by Marc Jacobs - Anemone Sandal Flat

3 Jessica Simpson Joan Flat Sandals

4 DV by Dolce Vita Agnyss Flat Sandals

5 MICHAEL Michael Kors Persia Thong

6 DV by Dolce Vita Saga Sandal

7 Roxy Shoes, Mardi Gras Thong Sandals

8 Jeffrey Campbell 'Puffer' Sandal

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What to wear is one thing. How to wear it is something entirely different, well, not so different but an incremental part of the fashion equation nonetheless. See what I'm using for inspiration when it comes to how to wear the flat sandal I'm shopping for.

htw montage

sources: look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (, look 4 (, look 5 (, look 6 (

banner_feelgoodspiration copy

zen 3


get inspired

Get back to a steady stream of style inspiration covering all things what to wear, how to wear it, and wear to shop. Time to figure out what your'e capable of. Thing big.