Call It a Boot, Call It a Bootie. We're Sticking With Ankle Boot. See the Top 10 Ankle Boots For Fall.

 The Mission: To Check Off All Items on the Fall Essentials Shopping List (or find them in my closet). Cue: The Top 10 Ankle Boots:

There are ankle boots, and then there are ankle boots. These are the top 10 reasons to love the shoe sub-category. They're easy to put on, take off, walk in, dare I say run in? Probably not. Ok back to reality. There were more on the list, but editing is key since we're all about simplifying shopping whenever humanly possible.


Shop slide by slide to check out the top 10 ankle boot favorites and from there, go into the other fairly significant part of the shopping fest, figuring out how to wear them. Ah yes, sounds clinical, but if you're Google calendar is as ridiculous as mine, solution-based shopping is kind of the way to go at the moment.

For now, see the Top 10 ankle boots below AND, and, 8 celebrity/model looks that will inspire you with new ways to wear this Fall essential:


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A little inspiration perhaps? Back to the whole, ways to wear an ankle boot taking into account that you have picked your favorites from the edited list. See the bevy of looks and ways to pull off this fall-focused trend.


look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (, look 4 (, look 5 (, look 6 (, look 7 (, look 8 (


It's never just about the boot, or in this case, the ankle boot. It's about what you're going to do in those boots that matters. These looks are there to let you know you have styling options to inspire whatever adventure you plan on taking these boots on. They're made for walking after all. And yes, I went there with the Nancy Sinatra reference. Less go-go, more updated, but same old story. 

So, that covers the ankle boots. In need of a little fashion advice yourself? Fall in love with a dress and now you have no clue what to wear with it? Need to take that blouse from casual to work? You name it, we can help. Send a link of the item in question (or a look-alike from the web) and we'll complete the look for you. What have you got to lose?



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