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T is for Tote. Shop the Top 10 Totes Out There &, Bonus Round, See Ways to Wear this Quintessential Handbag Category

When it boils down to the top bag silhouettes, the tote is right up there with the best of them. You can go oversized or keep it in the middle, with everything from woven to waxed leather, fringe and studs, the name of the game is options. In this case, there are 10 tote options to be exact.

Slide through the deck to shop away but don't forget one of the best spots for finds you've been possibly missing out on. The abyss that is the back of your closet could be a very good place to start and shed some light on the subject. For those looking for a refresher on this Fall essential of a bag, here's the deck. And, go!

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Figuring out what to wear is just one chapter of the style story. There's still the, 'how to wear it,' part that needs a little bit of a push. It's not only about the tote, it never really is. It's about how you wear it and even more so, about what you're going to do with it over your shoulder. What adventure will this tote take you on next? First, some inspiration:

look 1 (, look 2 (, look 3 (, look 4 (, look 5, Dree Hemingway: Madewell S/S ‘11 Look Book (, look 6 (, look 7 (, look 8 (

Narrowing it down to the Top 10 totes was not an easy process. Several eligible tote picks may not have made the edited list, but no worries, they don't end up on the proverbial cutting room floor. We don't have one. Instead, they move into the closet, updated weekly with hand-picked favorites by category. So on that note, shop more handbags, from totes to satchels, in The StyleShaker Closet here:

Recap time. You've got ten totes and eight ways to wear them, just to get the fashion juices flowing. But when it comes down to the rest of the closet, the million dollar question of, 'what am I going to wear,' still exists.

Still wondering how to wear those boots you got last year or that printed pencil skirt that's been hanging there for months on end? Shoot over a quick note with a link of the piece in question (or something that looks similar to it) and we'll send you back a look so you get some personalized advice on how to wear it. Click below:

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