The Hunt for Bracelets is Officially Over. Shop Our Top 10 Bracelets, You Won't Regret It.

Brace Yourself | Yep, I Went There. Check Out the Latest Shopping List. Meet Our Top 10 Bracelets

It's come down to this, bracelets, the arm-candy piece of the fashion equation, painstakingly narrowed down to the Top 10. When it comes to ensembles, the accessories, namely the shiny stuff, can polish off a look and add originality like nothing else.

My favorite thing about having a bevy of baubles at my disposal is being able to take a basic t-shirt-and-jeans look, and elevate it to something that stands out. Layering on bracelets in particular, reminds me of when I was little and up to my elbows (literally) in rainbow-colored string friendship bracelets. Ah camp memories. Nostalgic moment aside, check  out the all-grows-up version with the Top 10 shopping list below...

[SlideDeck2 id=8588]

The shopping is done for you. Now it's time to get some inspiration on how to wear the arm candy in question:

source: 1. look 1 / 2. look 2 / 3. look 3 / 4. look 4 / 5. look 5 / 6. look 6 / 7. look 7 / 8. look 8

The top 10 bracelets are one thing. But during the hunt for these hand-picked pieces, we inevitably come across other serious prospects that may not may this list, but land themselves a coveted spot in The StyleShaker closet right here. Get a sneak peek of what's lining the jewelry box right now:

Bracelets, bangles, and baubles are just one trend to add to your Fall essentials list. See more trends and classics that answer the, 'what to wear,' question, how to wear them, and where to shop right here.