Best Silhouette Ever? Possibly. Shop Long Sleeve Dresses & Check Out Ways to Wear The Look

Sleeves Win Every Time. Shop Long Sleeve Dresses, the Top 10, and See Ways to Wear this Universally Flattering Cut


It's all about sleeves this time around, and really, 'tis the season right? I adore a long sleeve dress for a  few reasons, but mainly for the coverage. If you don't want to bare it all, by all means, find yourself a sleeve, or dumbbells, or both.



The long sleeve dress is a beloved wardrobe staple (or should be so check that closet of yours and go down the Fall Essentials checklist to make sure you're covered) and yet, it's pretty tricky to find them for some reason. Go figure.

Problem solved. The Top 10 long sleeve dresses are hand-picked for your fashion viewing pleasure...Don't you love when that happens? Here they are, all lined up and ready to go. Just click the slide to shop:

[SlideDeck2 id=9433 iframe=1]


Figuring out where to buy the long sleeve dress is one thing, navigating the size charts for the perfect fit is another (I always buy two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit just to make life a bit easier).

But the one piece of the puzzle that you can't live without it knowing how to wear these fabulous picks. Cue the inspiration via some runway and street style looks that fit the bill:



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Ten picks will never please everyone, hence the StyleShaker Closet. This is where you go to keep the browsing momentum going strong. Love a dress pick but still curious as to what else is out there? Not finding the perfect dress for you and in need of continuing the search? You don't need to go far.

We hand-select our favorites each week and pop them up onto the shelves of the StyleShaker Closet where they stay until they're sold out (which happens all the time so shop while you can; these lists are totally dynamic and will change from week to week). Get a sneak peek of what we have lined up in our dress section of the Closet:



Q&A: I will always recommend shopping your own closet first. You may not know what goodies lie in there just waiting to be pulled out from under that hovel that started in the back corned a few months ago. Trust me, I get it, I've seen those black holes before in my client's closets. Need a re-org? I can help.



That's long sleeve dresses, checked right off your list. Time to move on to the next. See more on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to shop.