Shopping List Video | 5 Flat Sandals to Jump On for Summer, Get Inspired

I'm not going to sugarcoat the fact that I hardly ever wear flats. I'm a heels girl. My spectrum of flats has been known to range from beat-up flip flops all the way to a worn-out pair of argyle ballet flats. Time flies when you're running a business, focusing on fine-tuning everyone else's closet while neglecting the glaring signs that you're in desperate need an update yourself.

It's a perk of the job actually. As I shop for my clients and create Virtual Lookbooks, my eyes screen hundreds of products on any given day. This week it all came together. The latest Virtual Lookbook featured a few favorite flat sandals that are perfect for both my client and myself. Check out the top 5 of the bunch:

Like what you saw in the video? Shop all the flat sandals featured:
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Time for the quiz, it's true or false so don't stress. If you can answer 'true' to any of the below questions, click thru, sign up, and get started on your own style evolution...


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Time to take in all the links I'm loving for the day...Enjoy the line-up and get inspired:

1. Full skirt anyone? (source:

1 The Modern Cool Street Style Shot

2. This is how you do denim-on-denim. Leave it to Madewell to pull this off. Perfection covering the pages of their Spring 2013 Catalog (source:

2 Madewell Catalog

3. Runway love, Kate Spade Spring 2013 (source:

3 Kate Spade Spring 2013

4. Runway love, round 2, Kenzo Spring 2013 (source:

4 Kenzo Spring 2013

5. Quicksilver's Spring 2013 Catalog still has me missing the beach. Time to book a flight to the ocean.


5 Quicksilver Spring 2013 Catalog

If five flat sandal picks isn't going to cut it for you, get over to the StyleShaker Closet and shop all of my favorite picks from all of my favorite spots, all lined up for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure:closetfeature

And as always, there's more where that came from:

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