Shopping List Video | 5 Bracelets to Love from the Latest Virtual Lookbook

While pulling products to create the latest Virtual Lookbook for my client I ran across plenty of bracelet picks that I couldn't stand leaving behind. So, here we go. Check out five arm-candy favorites that I edited down from the larger list (now living in the StyleShaker Closet here)...

See something you like? Shop every bracelet featured in the video here:
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shop the Dannijo Oxidized Brass Plated Minetta Cuff
shop the JENNY BIRD Jenny Cuff Bracelet
shop the J.Crew Color Mix Bracelet
shop the Iosselliani Faceted Agate Bangle Set of 5 in Green
shop the Kelly Wearstler Single Sphere Bangle

Time for the quiz, it's true or false so don't stress. If you can answer 'true' to any of the below questions, click thru, sign up, and get started on your own style evolution...


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Check out today's list of fashion-focused favorites out there. Here's where I get to show some love, share what inspires me, and keep the momentum going strong...

1. Post-Kenzo show, street-style. So adorably, and comfortably ladylike. (source:

1 Street Style Kenzo Pic

2. The J. Crew April Style Guide 2013 makes the link list yet again, and this time because I'm slightly obsessed how they took that dress and made it beyond casual-cool.  (source:

2 J Crew Catalog

3. kitty spotted. (source:

3 Meow Street Style

4. You don't bathe in this suit, you work it in this suit. In, love. Courtesy of Ete. (source:

4 swim

5. Inspiration via Madewell's Spring 2013 Catalog. Crazy about the I-didn't-try-too-hard-but-I-look-on-point look.


5 Madewell Catalog

If five bracelets aren't going to cut it, then by all means, hit up the shopping mother load, otherwise known at the StyleShaker Closet. Click below to check out every favorite fashion find pulled from my favorite web shopping spots, and all living in this one fabulous spot:


There's plenty more out there to get you inspired when it comes to redefining your personal style:

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