Runway Inspiration | My Top 10 Runway Looks, Resort ’13, Round 2

Time for the Top 10 runway looks line up once again. Meet my latest hit list from the Resort 2013 runway collections that just a few weeks ago, graced my presence, ok, my laptop's presence as I wasn't able to make it. That said, this is as simple as it gets. It's a line up of all things that have resonated from recent collections, and this is point A, where it all begins. 'It' being the entire basis of the site, the whole what to wear, how to wear it shtick. I take a runway look, one of these most likely, shop at my favorite online shopping spots, and pull a re-creation together to show you how to wear it without having to pay runway full-retail prices.

For now though, it's about soaking up the style inspiration. Enjoy:

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