Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear This Weekend



sources: 1 Theyskens' Theory Crochet-Back Open-Knit Linen-Blend Sweater (, 2 Pietra Croc Braiden Wedges (, 3 J. Crew 3" Chino Short (, 4 Tory Burch Resin Band Bangle (

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The top: The sweater has a lot going on. You've got the shoulder embellishment, the open back, plus it's pretty sheer which means you'll most likely be wearing a lightweight tank underneath or bandeau bra, depending on how daring you're feeling that day. Rectangle body types can handle all of this. Everything will add emphasis to your top half, which is a good thing as you move through the look to balance out proportions and add some curves where there may not be many.

The bottom: Shorts are both loved and hated. We get it, some women shudder at the thought of showing off those gams. If you're one of them, opt for a white skinny jean instead. But if you're into the shorts look, go with a pair of brights to bring out the Spring in the situation. The J.Crew 3" chinos are a personal favorite of editors around these parts. Get the longer length if you feel it's more age appropriate, or if it just makes you feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, the point is to feel good in what you have on so if you don't, make necessary adjustments or else what's the point right?

The rest: That neutral wedge is a must. Rectangle body types lend themselves to long and lean silhouettes, so you can afford to wear a flat sandal, or flip flop (with hopefully a little something to it ok?). The wedge, however, is going to give you legs for days. And really, let's  be honest, what woman doesn't want that? From there, the addition of a wooden bangle keeps the spring/summer story going strong. Swap it out for a woven chain bangle, leather, fabric, whatever, just keep it light and neutral because the rest of the look needs to have it's color cameo.

The ONE thing Rectangle body types need to keep in mind when pulling off this look is to make sure the top, whether it's a sweater or tee, doesn't hit too far below the natural waist. You want there to be a clear separation between the two so you can create some definition without using a belt or wrap cardigan. Easy.


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