Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Running Around on a Weekday


I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Running Around on a Weekday

Rectangle body types, here's a look that elevates any weekday style routine you have going in seven shoppable steps:I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Running Around on a Weekday


sources: 1 Zara Cotton Blazer (, 2 J.Crew Vintage  V-neck Tee in Stripe (, 3 MiH Jeans Marrakesh Kick-flare Jeans (, 4 Madison Harding Ben Woven Sandal (, 5 MADEWELL The Transport Tote (, 6 Tory Burch Jordan Wire Hoop Earring (, 7 NARS Semi-Matte Red Lizard Lipstick (


The top: Rectangle body types can work a stripe like none other. Why? Because you have a natural column-like shape, so the horizontal striping won't draw the eye-line too far out to the left and right. Actually, the addition of a few curves on top balanced out with a little emphasis on your lower half is what you're going for, so, the tee works well to start things off. Bring in the white blazer with a dramatic lapel, and you bring even more volume/attention to the top. It's all fine and good because you have plans for the bottom half of the ensemble that will balance things out. The bottom: Speaking of the bottom, these jeans are perfection. They hug right at the hip, fit through the thigh, and flare out slightly at the hem. That small flare at the hem, even though these are a boot-cut, is going to be what flatters your Rectangle body type. They're a universally flattering shape in then denim world. The next time you're out shopping (or in shopping in the Closet, link below) you will be able to recognize that, yes, this is the kind of jean you should go for. The rest: Since you have a lot of black-and-white going on here, a little injection of color is called for It's as simple as throwing in a bright red lip. Easy. Blot to tone it down a bit, or opt-out of the lipstick and brighten things up with a gloss. Little touches like this elevate any look. They're small, yet effective.

The tote is going to be a go-to, everyday, wear it to work or running around, kind of tote. Perfect for travel as well (read: if your laptop is your traveling partner in crime, it just found it's new home). The pyramid heel on the sandal is THE most comfortable thing in the world. Fine, it's not a slipper, and yes, a wedge does pretty well too, but the pyramid heel is something to keep in mind if you want some height that will get you from point A to B without wanting to cry your eyes out (read: if you've ever felt like wearing a three inch platform pump through the streets of Manhattan running to market appointments or [insert your agenda here] was a good idea only to find yourself buying two dollar flip flops three hours in at the closest Duane Reade, you know what I'm talking about). A subtle earring finishes things off. Every woman should have a little something like this in her closet that isn't a statement piece but isn't a stud either. This is your middle-man earring. Know it, love it.

The ONE thing you need to know when you pull off this look is that you want to keep the jewelry super simple. You may be tempted to throw in a necklace or larger earrings. Fine, a hoop is an option, but less is more. The lapel and the striped v-neck tee bring plenty to the table without having to add anything else. The goal is to keep your top half balanced out with your bottom half, and Rectangles, that means you need to create emphasis on those two opposite poles of your body. It's easy to do, you just want to be wary of how much you're adding into the mix. Follow the look above as a guide and go from there. Above all, you should feel good when you leave your closet and walk out into the day so take this inspiration, make the look your own, and hit the ground running (um, because you actually CAN in those shoes! ah-mazing).

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