Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work

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I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work

Rectangle body types, here's a look to wear to work that will elevate your office's style quotient in 4 steps:

I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work


sources: 1 Reiss Smyth Knitted Flare Dress (, 2 FOREVER 21 Classic Faux Suede Pumps (, 3 Rebecca Minkoff Mahogany Mini Lusciuous Studded Hobo (, 4 Oscar de la Renta Lace Gold Chain Bracelet (

stylist notes

The top: Rectangle body types, your frame works well back to a fitted dress like the Reiss option above. The seaming detail at the waist will cinch in your torso and the straight lines of your silhouette can handle the tighter fit through your chest and arms.

The bottom: The great part about the pleating on this dress is that it will add a little volume to your lower half as the fabric falls slight away from your body. To balance that out on top, you can always bring a statement necklace or drop earring into the equation. Try whatever you think will bring the drama without going overboard for an office look.

The rest: The accessories on the rest of this look are sim-ple. It's tempting to take such a simple cut when it comes to the dress and want to jazz it up a bit with bells and whistles. It's an option for Rectangles, but the overall look and feel we're going for here is a clean and polished one. The accessories, from the butterscotch leather shoulder bag to the grey faux suede pump, are right in-line with achieving that style goal A chain bracelet that falls over the fabric on the fitted arm is a great option to tie the look together and make it your own. Jewelry does that so well. You can take something so basic, throw a few key baubles into the mix, and boom, you have an original, well-thought out look.

The ONE thing you need to know: If you're feeling like a pump isn't going to cut it as the temps continue to drop, Rectangle body types can certainly pull off a heeled, knee-high boot on this one. Go with something in the brown family to keep it soft. And make sure the heel is a streamlined one at that. You don't want a bulky boot with a stacked heel when you have a dress with these classic lines. When it comes to the shoe situation, just know you've got options.

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