Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work

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I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work

Rectangle body types, take your work look to the next level in 6 steps. Liven up the office a bit why don't you?

I'm a Rectangle Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work


sources: Vanessa Bruno Crepe de Chine Blazer (, Otte Ellen Dress (, Zara High Heel Vamp Shoe (, MICHAEL Michael Kors Clutch (, Venessa Arizaga Cabo SunsetNecklace (, Rag & Bone Simone Belt (



The top: The blazer is going to add some volume where there may not be much when it comes to the column-like Pear body type shape you're working with. The statement necklace also helps with that. The top of the dress buttons down to a v-neck which is one more reason this look works in your favor. The v-neck will elongate, not that you need any more of that, but it doesn't hurt one bit.

The bottom: The hem of the dress falls away from the body slightly so it will create movement, be ridiculously comfortable, and also add some volume on the bottom half of the fashion equation which will balance out proportions for you. Love, that and so should every Rectangle body type out there.

The rest: A clutch, for work? Really? I know, I know. The clutch is there as an add-on that will make this look versatile and that is a very good thing. Go for a classic black tote or shoulder bag (shop options in the closet, they're always coming in so you're covered; see the link below), pop the clutch in there, and you're set to transition into happy hour. It's not rocket science right? This should be easy, don't forget that. The pump is a classic. Stick with something streamlined and easy there. If you want, you could also go with a neutral peep-toe or possibly strappy sandal depending on the season of course. If you want to go further into Fall, throw in an opaque tight, keep the pump, swap the white blazer for a black leather moto version or just a classic black blazer, toss the belt, and you're good to go.

The ONE thing you need to keep in mind to pull this off: Make sure if you're wearing a dress with very little definition and structure, that you have either a belt or top layer in the form of a fitted blazer or cardigan to create some curves for your Rectangle body type. Never, ever throw on an oversized cardi, boxy blazer, or other piece that will swallow you whole. You'll lose any flattering aspect of the look and that's just really sad, let alone a waste of a perfectly on-trend, pop color dress.

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