Rag & Bone's Silver Tuxedo Blazer & How to Wear It

 One cannot function without a well-tailored, black blazer in her closet (or his closet). This is a fashion fact and no, I'm not just referring to what to wear to work (as you're about to see). The black blazer is a go-to piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe for several reasons/occasions, and Rag & Bone is the perfect place to kick it off...

Speaking of, meet the blazer pick for today:

source:  www.rag-bone.com

How to wear it:

Shop the Look:

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This look is all about taking casual elements (a tank, a jean, etc) and throwing on a blazer as a top layer that pulls everything together. The details are in the accessories (and tank top in this case) and take the look from basic to a bit more polished, not to mention, that's where you can inject some color into the ensemble.

There are hundreds of ways to wear this blazer, hence making an investment in the right one for you because you will get plenty of wear out of it.

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