Product Reviews | J.Crew's Snail Print Underwire Bikini Top & Jersey Lomellina® Foldover Hipster

It's product review time and today I'm talking about J.Crew swimwear. I have not been shopping for anything that comes remotely close to swimwear in quote some time. Not sure why, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that a. working full-time while starting a business on the side has left me with little to no time on a beach or near a pool, and b. I too dread the experience of going under those harsh fluorescent lights while trying on what essentially is just colorful underwear.

Well, I have no more excuses. First, I'm leaving for the island of Tortola in a week and I'm certainly not going to be on an island for seven days without the perfect bikini (cover-up, sandals, the shopping list is endless really). Second, I left the day job to pursue my dream (you're looking at part of it right now) so I have decided to make the time to do what I love. And I love, love, LOVE being near an ocean.

I'll keep it short and sweet from here. First, the two pieces I bought from (I bought more than two, but I'll get to those reviews later. Baby steps.) Second, pics from my Instagram account so you can see what the goodies actually looked like when I received them. Finally, I'll tell you if they're coming with me to Tortola or going right back where they came from. Any guesses?

Let's begin.

First up, the J.Crew Snail Print Underwire Bikini Top:

7 snail bikini top

product shot courtesy of

Second, the J.Crew Jersey Lomellina® Foldover Wide-Band Hipster Bikini Bottom (slate gray):

8 foldover hipster

product shot courtesy of

Below two images courtesy of me and my fabulous Instagram account which you totally need to follow, um, right now. Click here.

snail top and bottoms

snail top

What did I think? Why did I buy a printed top and solid-colored bottom? What's up with the snail print? So many questions.

I mix and match my swimwear. It's more fun that way, let alone more versatile. I totally recommend that you give it a try.

Review time. First up, the underwire top: Fit was great. I'm a C-cup so an underwire is a great thing to have. I'll be doing more than just laying on a beach while I'm there (read: swimming with dolphins; ugh, I know, so excited) so I'm going to need a top I can trust to stay on while I'm doing my thing.

The rest: Fabrication is right up there with the Lomellina jersey. The top is lined, not really 'padded' so I'm happy about that because I don't need  the extra 'volume.' The tie around the neck makes this a halter top which is ridiculously flattering on most silhouettes. I happen to love it. As for comfort, I tested it out around the house to make sure the knot didn't dig into my neck. Not a problem. On to the print. I was worried the snails would be a little too strategically placed, but they're fine. Bottom line: I'm keeping it.

The foldover hipster: I'll start with the bottom line. I should buy this in every color they have. The slate gray is the perfect neutral that I can pair back not only to the printed snail (dusty burgundy) underwire top but other pieces I have in my swim wardrobe. The foldover means it doesn't dig. This is HUGE for me. I can't stand anything unnecessarily digging into my hips. A. it's not comfortable, B. it's seriously not flattering. These are ridiculously comfy, there's coverage on the back but not too much or too little. Just right. There's a tiny bit of ruching on the sides of the hipster which is a nice touch, more aesthetic than anything. And again, I am going back to get them in black as well. This is a keeper.

So, as you can tell,  it was a successful on-line shopping trip. Both picks are coming with me to Tortola and I'm looking forward to testing them out on those beaches. Counting down as I write this.

Side note: I will be hand-washing everything and laying flat to dry. The Lomellina fabric (jersey from an Italian mill J.Crew sources from) is lightweight and seems durable, but I'm not going to risk it. Swimwear is super easy to handle when it comes to hand washing and I want these pieces to last.

That's all for the reviews today. But don't let it end there. Shop more swim picks and other fashion categories that don't make you cringe when you think about trying them on, all served up on the shelves of my virtual StyleShaker Closet. Everything is updated weekly so click below and see the latest batch of favorite picks out there from my favorite shopping spots on the web:


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