Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Pear Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend

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I'm a Pear Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend

Pear body types, it's sweater season. Here's how to pull of the cozy Fall staple for the weekend in 5 steps. What? Yea, we said 5:



sources: 1 Isabel Marant for H&M Femme Cardigans et Pulls (, 2 Paige Hoxton high-rise skinny jeans (, 3 Ash Janet Wedge Ankle Boot  (, 4 MS by Martine Sitbon Navy Side Pocket Clutch (, 5 Isabel Marant for H&M Bracelet (


The top: Pear body types can bring tons of drama to the top half of any fashion equation whether it's via some serious statement jewelry or just a printed sweater like the one featured in this look. Bringing the attention above the waist is good for balancing out those Pear proportions.

The bottom: Keep it clean, streamlined, dark-wash and super simple when it comes to what you're wearing on the bottom. If the wash on these skinny jeans had more fading at the thigh, they would be out of the look.

The rest: The rest of the look is simple. The bangle adds a little something to it, as jewelry has a magical way of doing. Plus, it's super inexpensive so why not go for some extra detail and make the look your own? We could have gone with a more basic neutral when it came to the bag, but instead, we decided to opt for a navy suede number you can use if you're packing light for brunch or late afternoon cocktails. Throw in a medium leather tote if you need something a bit bigger to carry around the proverbial, 'everything but the kitchen sink,' that qualifies as your everyday necessities. The boot is perfect. If you're going to go with an ankle boot, it needs to have some originality to it, or the overall look and feel is thrown off. You could opt for something less western and go for a fold-over ankle boot, but in general, the goal with the boot is to make sure it isn't flush to the leg above the ankle. There should be a little volume at the ankle whether it's due to fit or just construction. You want to balance out the skinny leg with something so your hips aren't over-accentuated. Mind you, with that sweater on top, this shouldn't be an issue.

The ONE thing you need to know: Pear body types, make sure you keep the wash on the jean dark. Deviate slightly with minor embellishments, but in general, you want to keep it simple. The dark wash also slides right into the dark ankle boot so your vertical eye-line isn't cut off. Say it with us: elongate, elongate, elongate. Ok good, well done, time for the next look!

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