Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm a Pear Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weekday


I'm a Pear Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weekday

Pear Body Types, it's time to fill in the fashion blanks with a look that's all about how to upgrade your everyday ensemble in seven easy steps.

I'm a Pear Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weekday


sources: 1 Tucker by Gaby Basora Papa's Cover Striped All Wrap Jacket (, 2 MiH Jeans Marrakesh Mid-rise Kick-flare Jeans (, 3 Geneva Wedge (, 4 Paul's Boutique Stella Leather Tote Bag (, 5 ACNE Wilde Black Sunglasses (, 6 Kendra Scott Rochelle Ring (, 7 Coach Leaf Chain Bracelet (SOLD OUT


The top: When it comes to the Pear body type, you get to play with the top half of any fashion equation  and go big. This striped, wrap jacket is a great way to do that when you're keeping it casual during the week. The wider lapel is going to accentuate your neckline and that, combined with the cinching at the waist, is going to bring your eye up above your waist.

The bottom: The reason these jeans work well for a Pear body type is that they will accentuate your curves without throwing off balance on the entire look thanks to the hem that flares slightly. The dark wash is also key for these, although you could also go with something in the medium blue family as well. You've got options, just avoid any extra pockets or distressing right around the hips.

The rest: The sunglasses are an easy way to polish off any look when you're out and about. A more dramatic black frame will 'glam' it up a bit. Go with an aviator to get sporty or a Wayfarer if you're feeling your inner-hipster start to come out. You could also throw in a red frame to inject a little color into your day. The bracelet and ring are great add-ons that complete the look without getting too far gone when it comes to the shine factor. It is a casual weekday look after all. Finally, the shoe and the bag are the perfect accessories to have on hand when you need to run around and carry your whole life with you simultaneously. Go for something a bit less open than the sandal if temps start to drop, and opt for an ankle boot. Easy, peasy.

The ONE thing you need to know: there's a heel pictured here for a reason. Keep it in the picture. Step away from the flats. If you're looking for comfort, you can go for a lower wedge or stacked heel boot/pump. The heel is detrimental for you Pear body types out there, so find a way to make it work for you in this look. Any size heel will help elongate and extend the vertical eye line. We love that right? Right.

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