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Online shopping review time! This one is all about a pin-tucked blouse I spotted on sale at It just hit under $20 so I had to check it out. At first glance, I loved the color, the cut, and of course, the price. This is the kind of blouse I've been known to grab in the past and can wear to death (translation: I can count on both hands how many ways to wear it, and then some). Did I throw $20 away on this or was it a true deal that has since found a new home in my closet?

Only scrolling will tell... Here's the product shot. Click to shop the blouse for yourself:


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That's what I shopped. Here's what showed up at my front door. Images courtesy of Instagram, etc. Click here to follow along.

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Ok fine, I bought a few things (I'll review the rest soon). For now, this is just me having way too much fun with Instagram. I do love a good group shot:

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Meet the blouse in question:

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Right, so here's the scorecard (keep in mind every online shopping review I write is completely unbiased). The scorecard spectrum? Easy, five stars, unreal. One star, a sad day in shopping land. And...go:

online shopping review scorecard

That's right, it got a total of four stars. Pre-tty good.

The fact that I got this top at under $20 (before tax) and the number of ways I know I'll be wearing it, makes this a win-win. Yes, it is officially at home in my personal closet, happy as can be.

Here's the review: I love the color. The fabrication is synthetic which is not my favorite, but for the price, I honestly can't complain about that. It has the feel of chiffon (sheer, so you'll need to layer a tank or cami underneath for sure) and yet is far more practical, yet another positive note on it. I can't stand silk when it comes to the heat of summer. This blouse, although synthetic, breathes a bit. Be careful though, if you are heating up and wearing too much of one scent or another (usually deodorant is a problem with this) that scent is not going to come off. That's the backlash of synthetic fabrics. Once the scent sets in, it's over, I don't care how much Febreeze (or Laundress product) you dunk it in.

Moving on, it fits well and has stayed in one piece through quite a bit of wear and tear already (two ferry rides in the Virgin Islands, and a subsequent twenty-four hours of being in and out of planes between St. Thomas, through Atlanta, and finally Dallas). Through it all, this blouse held it together. The same cannot be said for myself. Let's just say I took full advantage of the free drinks in first class when I got upgraded.

Finally, the product shot on-line almost makes it look cropped or hi/low, but I would say it's not covering that trend in full fashion force. I think the model just got overzealous with the arching of her back or something. Anyway, it hits right at the waist in front and has a subtle dip in the back. Technically, yes, it's a little hi/low, but not in a dramatic way.

Now, on to the best body type to pull this off:

what to wear for your body type

It's an all-skate moment. I can see the blouse on everyone, from Pears to Rectangles, Hourglasses to Apples, it applies. That was easy. Actually, that was one of the easiest body type assessments I've ever done. Which is just ONE more reason to love this blouse. I mean, it just keeps going...

I mentioned versatility earlier. I figured I'd spell it out for you via a few quick Look equations below. These are exactly what I create (condensed version; clients get a full e-Lookbook) when clients send pics from their closet. See what I'm talking about here or head straight into the four and counting ways I am going to wear this new pick:

1. Grey skinny jeans + neutral sandal + oversized hobo

2. White pencil skirt + layered under a streamlined blazer + black pumps

3. Black leather (faux) leggings + strappy black heels + jumbo clutch with hardware embellishments

4. Layered with a basic grey tank + cobalt blue cropped pant + neutral strappy sandal with a major heel

5. I could keep going but I've got more product reviews to pull together...

Ok fine, here's one more way to pull this blouse off. I can't help myself:

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Shop the Look:

The point is to try it out. If something works, fabulous. If not, move along to the next option. Eh 'hem, speaking of options, they're all lined up with the rest of my favorites that I update weekly in the virtual StyleShaker Closet. Click below and see the latest batch of favorite picks out there from my favorite shopping spots on the web:


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