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Before I dig into the online shopping review, a little blurb on building a solid style wardrobe:

It starts with the core basics in your closet, the basic t-shirt, tank, perfect jean for your body type, pencil skirt, and the list goes on. It's upon that strong fashion foundation that you can (and should) build, via leveraging accessories, especially, jewelry. The best part is, your investments go into lasting and classic essentials while you can spend easily, and not heavily, on more trend-forward pieces from scarves to statement necklaces. In this case, it's all about the latter, the statement(ish) necklace. Cue the online shopping review of's Sunrise Geo Necklace. Did it stay or did it go? First, the product shot:


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That's what I shopped. Here's what showed up at my front door. Images courtesy of Instagram, etc. Click here to follow along.

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Time to bring it all home with the scorecard:

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Overall, I'm happy to tell you that this necklace stays. I love it back to everything in my closet, from my red maxi to a strapless  LBD and most recently, paired with my recent chambray shirt find (review coming soon). That's just the tip of the iceberg. It will get plenty of fashion play as the season goes on. No doubt.

Did I mention it's $18? The amount of 'look' you get for under $20 is ridiculous, and brings me back to my initial styling point. Spend on core closet pieces (the essentials), and save when it comes to the trends and fun jewelry. In this case, you're out $20 and will wear this enough times within the first week of owning it to more than cancel that out.

I have to mention as well, the construction is impressive. It doesn't have that copper smell, no dark marks left in the wake of the metal on my skin, and it's holding up remarkably well. These are all shocking statements for me to write out, mainly because I wouldn't expect that to come from such an inexpensive piece. Am I complaining? Nope. This is what you call shopping shock. I'm embracing it with open arms as it's a rare occurrence.

One necklace not enough for you? I'm right there with you. Now that you're warmed up, check out other shopping options, statement necklaces and beyond, in my Happy Place otherwise known at the virtual StyleShaker Closet, updated every week with new favorite picks from my stand-by favorite shopping sites. Click below to keep the momentum going strong:


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