Online Shopping Review | J.Crew’s Featherweight Cotton V-neck Cardigan

Online shopping review anyone? Why yes, thank you, I'd love to share the latest. Mmmm hmm.

J.Crew has certainly seen a lot of action from me lately. First I went coo-coo for coco puffs on their swimwear (see the online shopping reviews here) and now I've gone into the ready-to-wear section with a classic that we all know and love, the cardigan. This time around, I'm talking about the featherweight, v-neck version of said Closet Classic/Essential.

So, did the cardi find a home in my closet or did I send it packing, not with me on my recent trip, but back to the warehouse it came from? First things first...

Here's the product shot from (doctored up via Photoshop because I can't help myself):


product shot courtesy of

That's what I shopped online. Here's what showed up at my front door. Images courtesy of Instagram, etc. Click here to follow along.


Another shot of the tomato red J. Crew cardi on today's product review chopping block. Remarkably similar to the product shot I saw online, which is a very very good thing. Consistency in the online shopping arena is key as you well know (i.e. you saw a pink dress online, bought it, and it's periwinkle blue twin arrived at your house instead). Time to check out my camera skills:


Here's the scorecard:

ranking red cardi

Overall, this cardi came with me to Tortola and has made several cameos since then. I'm in love with pretty much everything about it from the color to the light weight cotton that works as temps begin to rise (along with the humidity) rapidly.

I hardly ever, EVER, give out five stars. The last pick that got five stars was a Burberry blazer that I consider to be a member of my family. As in, it's going into my will. And yes, I'm that insane about it.

That said, the higher the price of an item doesn't always equate to a higher ranking. I have a pair of Boutique 9 suede gladiator sandals that hit right at $150 in the coveted five star spot as well.

What I do want you to know is that my online shopping reviews are 100% unbiased. I hold product to a high level of expectation, and I shop everywhere. A decade at Neiman Marcus may have ruined me when it comes to knowing how ridiculously well designer construction fits (thanks Mr. Armani, I've now seen how good it can be and it's tough to go back, so I suppose I should also thank Mr., um, Sample Sale?), but I know value when I see it, and also when I don't.

A big label, and subsequent price tag, is never a guarantee. I shop Target, I shop La Garconne, I hit up J.Crew and I'll never shy away from a quick trip to My standards are high regardless of  location. Just ask my clients. Well, you can't because their information is on full lock-down. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Moving along...

As far as body type consideration goes, this cardigan is universal. It's an all-skate for pretty much any silhouette out there. The v-neck elongates, the fit is close enough to the body but not too snug (very comfy), and the length is right where you want it to be (just below the waistline or right on it). The only way you could mess this up would be to pair it back to a hunter green, a big red spongey nose, and go around singing Xmas jingles in July. An unlikely, or so I'd like to think.

body type img

My only 'iffy' moment when trying on this cardigan was sleeve length. Part of me really wished the sleeves had gone all the way down to my wrists, it's an odd-security blanket thing I'm guessing I developed after moving and being the new kid (for the ump-teenth time) at a middle school in New Canaan, Connecticut.

I love having the option of pushing up sleeves or leaving them long. This cardigan misses the mark there, but it's stated in the product details so really, shame on me for not reading all of those bullet points. Still, the length isn't three-quarter, or half-sleeve, it's just odd. But not a deal-breaker. The color by the way, I die for. Amazing.

Overall. Love it. J.Crew scores yet again. This cardigan has officially found a new home in my closet.

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