The Shopping List Gets a Shot of Testosterone, See 5 Finds for Him

Totes, watches, leather jackets, and the shopping list goes on. We've weeded out the fashion fluff to get down to our five product favorites for him, so without further adieu, check them out:

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Coach serves up another tote that just works. It's substantial enough to throw around throughout the day, and polished enough to look like you care without going overboard.

1 Coach Bleecker Suede Utility Tote


All Saints, know the name, love the name. These are leather jackets to covet and invest in, case in point, the Standon jacket below. The look, a side zip and collar details, is very 'biker-esque,' so if you're streamlining then keep moving, but this is an amazing, swoon-inducing jacket to have in your outerwear line up.

2 All Saints Standen Leather Jacket


These are the kind of weekend-warrior boots that will get you from A to Z and still look like they're supposed to. Not too polished, not too distressed. Meet the happy medium of leather boots from Rogue:

3 Rogue Lopus Standard Shiny Boot


Men and their watches. I'm still trying to get this, and yes, I am starting at the lower end of the price point spectrum, but c'mon, I'm not ready to throw down a Cartier just quite yet. I'd like to know what I'm talking about and right now, I can safely say you get plenty of look for the price when it comes to Marc by Marc Jacobs' watches. It's a great line to start with and build upon...

4 Marc by Marc Jacobs Chronograph Blade Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch


This jacket is perfection, from the collar to the cinched waist that you will probably hardly ever use (leave it open when it's a touch warmer out). Belstaff serves up the quintessential Fall jacket, done and done.

5 Belstaff Roadmaster Waxed-Cotton Jacket

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Five products are just enough to get the shopping ball rolling. Keep the momentum going strong and see more hand-picked favorites hanging in their virtual home otherwise know as the StyleShaker Closet:

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Zen moment, and today it's short and simple...

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Such a great line, so much so that I think it should be said daily. So here's your little exercise for the day, your mission should you choose to accept it: when you read that line and one person pops into your head (or two, or three, or four, etc..) tell them. Tell them you love them to the moon and back, just because.

It's SO much better than a gift on their birthday or holiday. This is the unexpected 'trinket' gift, the best gift of all in my opinion. It's not obligatory, it's not planned, it just lets the ones you love know how much you appreciate them, just because they are who they are.

So, there it is, take it or leave it. I would suggest taking it and running with it though. I'm going to...

Just sayin.

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