How to Wear Distressed Skinny Jeans + Neon

The distressed look is one thing. Throw that in with a skinny jean and you're on a whole other fashion level with the message you're sending out. I don't mind a distressed jean, I actually happen to love them. But, there's a time and a place.

I have a pair of grey, pre-worn, skinny jeans from Genetic denim that I found on Gilt at a steal. When I wear them, I usually put together a more polished look on top to balance things out a bit. I always, and I mean always, get compliments on those jeans. There's a way to balance out the distressed look with a few key accessories so you keep an edgy vibe, but don't go overboard. It's a happy medium that I think hits the nail on the head. See what I mean with today's look that covers how to wear distressed skinny jeans:

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The StyleShaker

The blouse is a saturated take on a classic baseball tee. It's simple, colorful, and classic (outside of the neon magenta of course). Love it. The colors on that top actually pop perfectly back to the medium, deep blue wash of those jeans. Any bright will go well with them, or just your basic neutrals like black, white, and beige. You have options, which is a beautiful thing.

Since the top is talking at a higher volume than the other pieces in the equation, I kept the rest of the accessories pretty neutral. Cue, the sandals. A classic flat sandal in a great carmel brown that you can work into any look for Spring. Instead of going with a brown bag, which would have been expected here, the Chloe shoulder bag spoke to me. It can be over the shoulder or worn cross-body. Either way, that stone color is divine and ridiculously versatile. You'll wear this bag all over the place. Handbags are where I do think you need to invest. I'll always stick to that, UNLESS you're looking at something very trendy or a clutch.

Finally, a couple pieces of jewelry to polish it all off. The MARC by Marc Jacobs watch is the perfect sporty addition. I happen to never wear a watch, but if I did, I would own this one. It's beyond reasonable in price, sure a ton of people have it, but it's spot-on and hits that happy point between contemporary and classic so you know you'll be wearing it forever.

 I'm biased on rings in the sense that I always thing, the bigger the better. This caged, gold pick from Aurelie Bidermann is bold but the cut outs keep it a bit more toned down and interesting.

Which body type does this look work for you ask?

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It is a pretty universal look. The only thing I would add here is, if you're a pear or an apple, and if you are more petite height wise, you should swap out the flat for a slight heel to elongate and balance out proportions. Easy enough to do.

Love the jeans but they're not quite what you were going for? What about the top? Love it, but the thought of magenta makes you squirm? Totally, I get it. I can't win 'em all with every look, and actually, that's not the point. If you're inspired, the whole point is to take pieces from this look and incorporate them into your own life if you're wanting to pull it off. Shopping for new additions is a part of that, and it can be overwhelming (let alone time-consuming), so head over to the StyleShaker Closet where I pull my favorite picks from my favorite sites every week and edit them all for you to shop. It's the perfect launching off point for any shopper looking to simplify a bit (click the image below):


In the mean time, I keep speaking about inspiration so obviously, I had to give you a few more curated picks I found from the web to keep you motivated and thinking. I do this for myself all the time, whenever I'm in need of an update or refresher, so it's only natural that I want to share the love with you. Meet my top five, the links I'm loving right now (in no particular order, and no, no one is paying me to post these)...

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