How to Wear | A Summer Sweater

How to wear a summer sweater, right. Well, I suppose I'll begin with this...There's a side of me that has always wanted to be the west coast, beach happy, sufer-chick. And by, 'chick,' I'm of course referencing an independent woman who frolics in the Cali sun all day with a smile on her face and a tan that only comes from days spent walking beaches. Just easy, peaceful, grounded and having major life questions that run the gammut from:

1. when the next wave will come in, to 2., what time I should plan on being back from the farmers market to start on a gorgeously divine organic dinner that can only be eaten in the company of good friends, bottles of good wine, love, laughter, and of course, I gotta have my fire pit.

This is just one side of this East Coaster's ever-growing montage of 'big-life' dreams. There are many sides, but for now, I'll stick with the So-Cal inspiration and pull together a look that makes me think of what I'd wear along the way.

See how to wear one of the holiest (think less Bible holy, and more swiss cheese hole-y) summer sweaters I've seen yet? Question answered, but first, check out the inspiration for this look:

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Now it's time to get to the best part. The part that satisfies the control-freak in me, and that is the shop-by-number montage that I'm in love with because it's the closest thing to a list I have been able to pull off on here. What is it about a good list right? And marking off lines on said list? It's like mainlining happy juice. It's cool, I've been like this my entire life, I'm good with it. Moving right along...

1. BCBGMAXAZRIA 'Melia' Open Knit Dolman Sleeve Sweater (shop online: 2. Alexander Wang Mini Skirt (shop online:  3. IRO Ellen ribbed silk tank (shop online:  4. Heather Benjamin "Sea" Blue Mexican Turquoise Ring (shop online:  5.  Jerome Dreyfuss Johan Bag (shop online: 6. ASOS FLIGHT Leather Beaded Flat Sandals (shop online:

Obviously this starts off with the focal point of the 'how to wear,' ensemble, and that is the sweater from BCBGMAXAZRIA. The holes present an opportunity to layer, and by all means, unless you want to give 'em a show, I'd highly recommend pairing the sweater with a tank like the one above from Alexander Wang.
Cut to the mini skirt, and 3.1 Phillip Lim is to the rescue, yet again. It's not a 'dumb' (aka basic) mini that you could find anywhere. I'm not saying a basic wouldn't work well here, it would, but it's all about the details and taking it from a potential of white denim to this cream, pocketed skirt with seaming detail, brings the entire look to a new level that leans a bit further into the chic end of the fashion pool.
Finally, some color already! The ring, it's like having a piece of the Pacific floating on your finger. It's a must-have and can cover day to evening when it comes to looks. The bag. I die for the bag, and yes, I'm paraphrasing the greatness that is Rachel Zoe because I've watched each season and loved every minute. It rubs off, and I couldn't be happier about that. Jerome Dreyfuss has some of the most unbelievable leathers out there. This I learned after petting one too many leather bags from my time spent in the buying offices on the seventh floor of one of the country's most recognized luxury retailers. This was also know as my second home at the time since I hardly ever saw the light of day. Fun times, crazy times, happy to have moved on. Not name dropping though. It's not how I roll.
But I can tell you that the bag is going to feel like, 'buttah.' Not butter, I said, 'buttah.' Make sure you get it treated so you can guard against stains, water, and all the other scary natural elements out there.
Now that we have the pop of soft blue back to the greys and creams going on  here, it's time to tie it in with e neutral-ish sandal. It's a fun take on the normal thong sandal but doesn't go overboard with color or detail, allowing the rest of the look to do what it does so well, just that.
So there you have it. How to wear a summer sweater with more holes than my new perforated Pour la Victoire satchel. I'll keep my west coast dreams alive with this one, and hopefully inspire some other dreams out there.
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