How to Wear | A Neon Yellow Dress

I suppose I should have titled this one, "How to Wear a Neon Yellow Dress Without Looking Completely Ridiculous," but I'll stick with the original line for now.

When you throw down the combination of the words, neon and yellow in fashion it can come across slightly comical (think Body Glove of the late eighties) if you're not living in the industry like some of us, eh 'hem, me. In my mind, neon yellow is a spring trend call out so I'm cozy with the word combo right now. Did I ever think I'd be all about the color? Nope. I also swore up and down that I'd never wear a skinny jean years ago (cue to image of me typing this in my grey skinny jeans; never say never). So things change, trends come and go, but for now, this pop color of a hue is having it's moment.

See the inspiration behind it all:

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How adorable is she? She's like a walking color palette right? The next part of any How to Wear It. post on this site always involves what I like to call my shop-by-number moment. I see a look I want, then I dig (because that's what I do all day long for work and closet clients) and pull it all together. Seeing something I love is one thing, knowing where to go to online to re-create the look is an entirely other matter. It's a left brain, right brain thing I'm sure. As any specialist in neuroscience and you'll hear the same. Ah yes, fashion and neuroscience in one little article, how much do I love my site? So much. Moving on...


1. Rag & Bone Harlow Dress (shop online: 2. KORS Michael Kors Ysabell Sandal  (shop online: 3. House of Harlow 1960 Riley (shop online: 4. Indego AfricaTM for J.Crew cloth wrap bracelet (shop online: 5. Tory Burch Dual Color Logo Beaded Bracelet (shop online: 6. Orly Genger By Jaclyn Mayer Annebelle Bracelet (shop online:

The yellow dress from Rag & Bone is almost neon but more of an electric, saturated yellow. It's a bit more realistic for everyday life, especially a daytime look. The sleeves and cut keep it clean. Whether you want to take the streamlined look and wear it for day or evening just depends on the accessories. This look could actually go either way, I'm sure with that level of heel from Kors most would lean toward an evening look, but those sandals also work very well while the sun it out. Substitute a pair of colorful flat sandals if you want to give your feet a break and the sight of a four inch heel makes you break into one of those confusing, half-nervous-giggle, half-crying sessions. Emotional instability is not what getting dressed is about, so play to your strengths while stepping outside of your fashion comfort zones.

The bag is genius. Not too small, not too big, chain straps, and amazing detail in the to-die-for color of the leather covering the body of the bag. Thank you House of Harlow. On to the bracelets. Layer, it, up. Fabric bracelets are huge right now, and no, I'm not talking about the friendship bracelets you'd make on the back of the camp bus, there's a little more color and detail going on here. By all means though, don't let me stop you from taking back custody of your inner, ten-year-old camper. Go buy some string and bring it back to the good ole days, just make sure you layer in some other pieces like above.

How to wear a neon dress you ask? Not any more. Question, answered. This is just one take on it using a little inspiration, see more fashion favorites and trends I'm dying to pull off when you discover more on what to wear and how to wear it.