Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weeknight

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I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weeknight

Hourglass body types, add a little bit of edge to your nighttime look with hardware:

I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out on a Weeknight

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sources: 1 J.Crew Collection cashmere jeweled-shoulder sweater (, 2 Isabel Marant for H&M Waxed Biker Jean (, 3 Zara Suede Leather High Heel Court Shoe (, 4 MS by Martine Sitbon Zip Panel Black Bag (, 5 House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Totem Ring (


The top: This sweater is half-sweet, half-sass with the shoulder embellishments going on. Leave it to J.Crew to take a classic, turn it on it's head, and create a new take on the basic crew neck. Love that. Hourglass body types, you can take the added 'oomph' of those jeweled shoulders because you're going to balance things out on the bottom of the look. The name of the game is to stick to the naturally proportionate curves you're working with. They're a good thing. No, scratch that, they're a great thing. Own it. Oh, and on that note, reason #2 this works is because the sweater isn't too voluminous. It will hug and not cover you up. The latter would make you look bigger than you are. Boo.

The bottom: These waxed jeans from Isabel Marant for H&M had to make it in somewhere and this was the perfect spot. All pretty and polished up top, slightly prepster (um, it is J.Crew after all), and then you go below the natural waistline to find a little biker-inspired toughness. Mix and match, go with the unexpected, it's always a good time if you keep things balanced out. These jeans aren't super skinny, but they aren't boyfriend either. They're right in the middle and will flatter your shape. Super curvy hourglass ladies out there, the zipper details are going to accentuate those hips, so if that freaks you out, you can always opt for a black, straight leg (or boot-cut, a bit more traditional in look and feel) jean instead. Baby step it up to edginess or just bypass it all together. The point is, you're supposed to feel good in what you're wearing so, aim for that, and use this look for some direction so you can branch out of your style rut and upgrade a bit.

The rest: A classic black pump from Zara (i.e. on-point with style and brings the biker jean back down to earth with a little polish) levels the playing field on the look. The classic black satchel is taken up a notch with zipper details that mimic what's going on in those waxed jeans, love when two pieces play off of one another. And finally, a little statement ring to pull things together. You could go with a more bejeweled option if you want to bring out a more feminine side here, or just stick with something bold and show 'em what you've got.

The ONE thing you need to know: The pump is simple and black for good reason. You have a lot going on with this look and you don't need one more thing in the form of a snazzed-up shoe, ankle boot, or really anything. Less is more on the accessories since the clothing is doing all the talking here.

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