Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend


I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend

Hourglass body types, here's a look that will take your casual weekend routine and polish it up a bit in seven shoppable steps:

I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear this Weekend


sources: 1 Zara Cotton Blazer (, 2 J.Crew Vintage  V-neck Tee in Stripe (, 3 MiH Jeans Marrakesh Kick-flare Jeans (, 4 Madison Harding Ben Woven Sandal (, 5 MADEWELL The Transport Tote (, 6 Tory Burch Jordan Wire Hoop Earring (, 7 NARS Semi-Matte Red Lizard Lipstick (



The top: Don't freak out about the stripes. They're subtle, tone-on-tone, and will be partially covered by one of our favorite white blazers out there from Zara. Actually, you could leave the blazer out, keep the tee and jeans, and be perfectly fine. The stripes won't widen things, because you have that v-neck going on. The blazer is showing you how easy it can be to take a classic tee+jeans combo, and make it look on-point by pairing it with the right jacket from your clothing arsenal. Jackets are an investment, this one happens to be ridiculously well priced (thank you Zara), but overall, this category is one of the easiest ways you can take a basic look and elevate your personal style. They're one of the best tricks to have up your sleeve when you want a versatile wardrobe so shell out a bit more for the right piece. And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day. This goes for Hourglass body types and everyone else.

The bottom: Look closely at the fit on these jeans. Ok, got it? If you don't want to buy the pair pictured here, or you just want to keep shopping around as we women love to do (you can warm up with additional options in the Closet, link below), take a mental note. Hourglass body types, this is the shape you want to look for when you're buying jeans. Get them in a medium blue wash, distressed is fine, and get them in a dark blue wash as well. Hem the medium blue version for everyday shoes (possibly for flats if you're into those, or lower heels). Keep the darker washed jeans as is for heels. These will be your go-to daytime and wearing-out-at-night jeans. They are definitely on the essential shopping list for each season. Why? Because they will make your life SO MUCH EASIER. Sidenote: buy the size that is comfy and not the size you say you need to do another round of '6 Week Abs' to fit into. You'll be golden for Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

The rest: We're showing a great, pyramid heel sandal on this one. It's fun, you won't see much of the print under the jean, but you'll know it's there and they're versatile enough to wear in plenty of other ensembles. Bring the look into Fall with an ankle boot, black or brown. Either will work, and nope, you don't have to match the bag to the shoe. Another random styling myth.

Keep it clean and simple with an everyday tote. Speaking of simple, a subtle gold earring is perfect. The lapel brings some 'oomph' to the look, so let it do it's thing without much distraction. And if you're dying to inject some color, go with a bright red lip, or just a gloss if you're not into the whole big-girl-lipstick thing. Sometimes it can be more maintenance, we get it.

The ONE thing you need to know about the look Hourglass body types is, you absolutely do not need to wear a heel here if you don't want to or if you're dying to give your feet a break. Just put on the pair of jeans you have hemmed for flats and be on your way. Make sure they're a boot cut to keep things in-line with your naturally balanced proportions, and you're good to go. Keep it simple.

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