Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear to Work




sources: 1 Markus Lupfer Silk Jersey Dress (, 2 River Island Black Blazer (SOLD OUT, 3 Nine West Kenie Gladiator Sandals (, 4 See by Chloé Taupe April Leather Zipped Tote (, 5 Gorjana London Hoop Earrings (


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The top: The blazer is a great layer to have on hand if you want a little additional coverage, to keep it pro-fesh (yes, more unnecessary abbreviating as the expense of the english language because it's just fun), and/or if you want to stay toasty. Keep in mind, you can easily lose this layer at any time. This dress was built for accentuating everything enviable and fabulous about an Hourglass body type. The print is fine, it will draw attention to your chest, but you're covered up so you're not crossing any lines. The sewn in waist detail is the most comfortable cinching definition a girl could ask for. Proportions=instantly balanced, or in your case, accentuated.

The bottom: Well, it's a dress so we'll discuss the hem. The dress is fitted through the thigh so there's a little narrowing going on here. As an Hourglass body type, if the bottom half of the look continues to narrow further, your top half will start to look disproportionate. A heel is a great way to fix this. It will elongate a bit, which we all love.

The rest: The bag stays neutral and at the perfect size for an everyday tote. The earrings are subtle mainly because you have a whole lot of look going on with that print. There's no need to distract from it with any additional statement accessories. Clean lines, basic shapes, keep it neutral. Speaking of neutral, cue the sandal. If you're heading into a fall look, close things off with a nude or putty/beige leather pump (preferably not patent). Or you could add in a heeled knee high boot BUT if you do that, go for browns which means you'll want to lose the blazer and make it a sweater dress look. Note: you can always wear black with brown, it just needs to be done in a way that makes sense. How do you know? You hit up this site, keep an eye on the latest Lookbooks, or contact us directly with your question. Problem-solved. Style stress, averted.

The ONE thing you need to know about this look if you're going to pull if off for an Hourglass body type is, the blazer should not fall past your hips. Why? Because woman, you have a shape that should be shown off, not covered up! And, B., when the hem of the blazer falls below your hips, or even worse, covers your bottom completely, your proportions are sent out of whack and it looks like you have more volume at the waist than you really do. The blazer is there to add to the look, not cover you up. Keep that in mind when trying this look out.

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