Fashion Mad-Lib: I'm an Hourglass Body Type, Looking for Something to Wear Out Running Around Today


an hourglass body type looking for something to wear during the day

Hourglass body types, here's a look that will upgrade any weekday look in 7 steps:

an hourglass body type looking for something to wear during the day


sources: 1 Tucker by Gaby Basora Papa's Cover Striped All Wrap Jacket (, 2 MiH Jeans Marrakesh Mid-rise Kick-flare Jeans (, 3 Geneva Wedge (, 4 Paul's Boutique Stella Leather Tote Bag (, 5 ACNE Wilde Black Sunglasses (, 6 Kendra Scott Rochelle Ring (, 7 Coach Leaf Chain Bracelet (SOLD OUT


The top: Hourglass body types, this top works for two main reasons, first, you're going to balance it out with the bottom half of the look or else it would be a little overpowering to your top half. Second, because it should hit only slightly below the waist and not run past your hips (i.e. don't use this as coverage for your bottom; why would you want to cover up one of your best assets anyway?). You're also going to want to pair this wrap jacket over a basic black or grey tee/tank. Either will do.

The bottom: These jeans are a fabulous shape for you to go for if you don't already have them in your closet. The wash here is dark, but you could also go with a medium, more distressed version when it comes to a daytime look. Overall, the shape of these jeans are going to flatter your hourglass proportions like none other, so make sure you have them as a go-to in your wardrobe.

The rest: If it's warm out, go with a sandal of your choice that is either black  or neutral. In this case, the wedge is both, but it's going to be covered up by the hem of the jeans so it's not a big deal. Put your energy elsewhere. You could swap that sandal out for a neutral (a beige or butterscotch would be ideal, and black would work but it's not the first choice as it is a little severe back to what it a warmer look) pump or boot.

The tote is a classic to have on hand. This is your workhorse tote that you can beat up during the day and will take the punches, not to mention, it will look good doing it.

Finally, the question we ALWAYS hear over here is, "what jewelry and accessories go with this look?" It's a great question and worth asking because a couple of small additions will elevate your style and update any look you can pull out of your closet. In this case, we went with a chain bracelet (depending on the fit of the jacket, this will either be covered completely, peeking out here and there, or a nice little accompaniment at the end of the sleeve), and a bold statement ring with a gold, vintage vibe. This is where you get to personalize, pick something you love, and throw it into the mix. It shows thought and makes instantly look like you know what's up when it comes to your personal style. The sunnies here glam it up a bit. Aviators would bring it into a more American-sportswear vibe, and Ray Bans would take it borderline 'hipster' (but to pull off full hipster you'd need a skinny jean of course). See? One piece can change it up that easily.

The ONE thing you need to know when pulling off this look for your Hourglass body type is, make sure with the wrap jacket, that you don't have too much volume in the way of extra fabric. The look is cozy, but it's still clean and it shouldn't come across like you're wearing a robe. Keep that in mind when you 're out and about trying on (or on-line browsing the virtual shelves of our Closet, link below). You will definitely always want to wear a heel with this one or your bottom half will struggle to stand up to your top half, read: proportions will be out of whack.

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