Check Out Today's Handbag Heavy Shopping List, a.k.a. the Love List

Today's shopping list is a bit bag heavy, and by 'heavy' I mean there are two bags I had to get in the line up. Once you see them you'll understand why. But the bags are the only thing to drool over, lest we forget the embellished tank, boots that make every sidewalk a catwalk, and a necklace that oozes all things sweet and sentimental. So, let's get started:

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You want a black hobo that goes beyond 'basic?'  You got it. Courtesy of CC Skye. Meet Tyler:

1 CC Skye Tyler Hobo


Ok, I love, love, love this as a gift item (or anytime purchase really, but it's such a great gift). Sari Glassman is a new designer discovery and she had us as soon as we set eyes on her Name Necklace with birthstones that can be personalized for you and your loved ones. So sweet.

2 Sari Glassman Personalized Necklace 3 Names with Birthstones


This is the perfect, 'floaty' tank to wear for holiday parties if you want to go with an easy separates look that's still festive and of course, super comfortable. Pair them with a dark wash skinny jean, playful pumps, and you're good to go.

3 Parker Art Deco Bead Tank

4. Sabrina Tach is a name in handbags to both know and love. Case in point, the Tajos coral suede leather bucket bag. The quality is superb, the design has some interest and edge to it, and the colors, to die for. Loving this new designer discovery!

4 Sabrina Tach Tajos Coral Suede Leather Bag


Um, hi, hello super slouchy Sergio Rossi suede boots. How are you? Oh, that's right, you're gorgeous. It's time to meet Veronica:

5 Sergio Rossi Veronica Slouchy Suede Boots

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The top five shopping list is our attempt at editing and simplifying the shopping process. It's our little 'less-is'more' moment on the StyleShaker. But let's be honest, there's plenty more that didn't find it's way onto today's list. Speaking of, check out the other fashion favorites currently lining the virtual walls of our StyleShaker closet. Take a peek and keep on shopping:


One should never shop A. hungry, and B. uninspired. I'm not sure how I can help you with the food, but I can serve up a little inspiration via a Henry Ford quote that is the definition of timeless:


It's pretty true. I'll keep it short and sweet. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. And yes, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way. When doubt seeps in, and it does for all of us (we're human; give yourself a break) I have learned to lean on my friends and family. They're my re-set button, reminding me of who I am and what I'm capable of.

Surround yourself with your support team, tell them, or better, show them you love them, and re-charge yourself so you can get back to doing what you know you can.

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