Gratitude List for Turkey Day, pre-food coma...

1. The moment the client says, “I would have never thought of that,” during an Hour of Power.2. Getting a bagillion repins when you least expect it.

3. Riding the wave of this ‘hobby’ that began while working in the buying offices at Neiman Marcus & has now taken on a life of it’s own.

4. Shoes you can actually walk in.

5. Quotes that alter the course of your life.

6. Proving this wrong.

7. Giggle fits with friends that leave you feeling like you just worked your abs harder than anything Jillian Michaels could have thrown at you.

8. A black hole of inspiration.

9. The perfect look that makes you feel like a boss.

10. The perfect hat.

11. Getting back up on that horse.

12. Sonnet 116.

13. The perfect playlist.

14. These hangers. Life changing.

15. Trying to choose a favorite runway pick.

16. Coming home for the first time.

17. Old school, hand-written love letters.

18. The ability to replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.

19. Learning to walk in flats.

20. Things that make you go, “whoa.”

21. The courage to go for the dream and the support system keep it alive.

22. The best,  library, ever. And you don’t even need a card.

23. That feeling you get when you dig your toes into the sand.

24. This guy.

25. The moment you stop looking around and realize, you already have it all.

26. And last, but certainly not least: Our members. We are SO grateful to have you as a part of our style tribe.

We're thanking our lucky stars this Thanksgiving for so many reasons. What are you thankful for? K, go stuff yourselves.